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Fresh Tools For Designers and Developers in June 2017

Great tools and online services make the work of designers and developers a lot easier. They allow you to make many workflows simpler and more efficient. This small collection stirs creativity and provides solutions to various problems.

New Tools For Designers and Developers

So, here’s my list of the newest, and most exciting tools that I found for you:

1 – Authentiq

Modern User Access With Multi-Factor Authentication.

Authentiq offers a multi-factor authentication that does not require any passwords for the login on websites. AuthentiqConnect allows your users to decide when to increase their security if they want to add a second factor or go without a password. The service is compatible with OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect. The service is freely usable up to 500 active users.

2 – Better Font Finder

Better Font Finder

This interesting tool allows you to group similar Google Fonts, and find the optimal font for your project using different filters. Grouping fonts with similar characteristics will get you to the desired result a lot faster.

3 – Vectr


Vectr is an easy and intuitive way to create vector graphics. You can either use it online or install it on your computer. You can get the app for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook. Vectr is free to use. A WordPress plugin was created as well.

Vectr – Embedded Graphics Editor (Free, WordPress) →

4 – Data Gif Maker

Data Gif Maker

Google’s new project allows you to create a simple Gif that compares two elements. All you need to do is fill in a simple form, add data points, and select a color scheme. You’ll receive a visual data element to embed in websites.

5 – Colorion Gradient Buttons


If you are done seeing the standard flat buttons, this is a really neat alternative option with gradient effects in all kinds of colors.

6 – Buttercup


Buttercup is a free open source password manager for Max, Windows, and Linux. A browser add-on for Firefox is available as well.

7 – Word Counter

Word Counter

Word Counter calculates the number of characters, words, or paragraphs in real time. Just enter a text in the box, or copy and paste texts from other pages. You’ll get to see the statistics right away.

The tool is also able to display the required character count for social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, it’s possible to show the correct character count for the Google meta description.

8 – Trendy CSS Text Shadows

CSS Text-Shadows

More and more web projects go away from the flat design and want to use cooler effects. Here, the fascinating text effects provided by Mixfont are a perfect pick. The CSS of each effect can be downloaded for free.

9 – docsify


docsify is a smart little tool able to create a documentation website for Github projects. It loads your markdown data, resolves it, and displays it as a website.

10 – Free Minimalistic Phone Mockups

Free Minimalistic Phone Mockup

The Free Minimalistic Phone Mockup comprises Sketch and Photoshop files and comes with a very high resolution of 6962 x 4350 pixels. Background and telephone colors can be adjusted.

11 – Emojify


Emojify is a different kind of link shortener. If you don’t want to deal with standard URLs anymore, you can also have your shortened links be displayed with neat emojis.

12 – Omg-img


You can write each of the provided icons directly into your HTML code, and the tool will find the right pictogram and adjust the colors and sizes. The free usage requires a backlink. You can either use the tool online or download the app for Mac or Windows.


The presented tools and services should be interesting to a lot of designers and developers. Some tools provide a significant added value, like Authentic, Better Font Finder, and Vectr. I will take a closer look at a couple of them.