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Freebie: Responsive Landing Page Template With Flexbox

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The fist impression a website leaves on potential customers often plays a huge role in their decision whether to buy or pass on a product. A landing page with a good design can keep users engaged longer and hint them that the advertised product or service is of high quality.

To help you save time on building a landing page from scratch, we created this HTML template that can be used as is or as a starting point for your start-up’s website. It’s simple, fully responsive, and 100% free!


The Design

Our template consists of a single static HTML page with several sections:

  • Header with company logo and navigation menu.
  • Hero with titles, action button and fullscreen background image.
  • Demo section with a gallery for showing off pictures or stock images.
  • Features section for listing different services or features.
  • Reviews section for quotes and recommendations.
  • Callout section with a simple input form and button.
  • Footer including social media links and text (removable).
Features And Services Section

Features And Services Section

The whole layout is responsive and looks good on all devices ranging from small phones to large desktop monitors. It doesn’t have any flashy animations or complex graphics to keep it lightweight, customizable, and lightning-fast.

The Code

The entire template is made up of just two files: a HTML layout and a CSS stylesheet. We haven’t used any frameworks, so editing and customizing it should be relatively simple. This also makes it easier if you want to implement any framework of your choice such as Bootstrap or MDL.

The only external dependencies used in the project are a couple of fonts:

For the of the CSS we’ve relied on a pretty standard set of properties, nothing too experimental. Some parts of the layout are done via flexbox, but that shouldn’t cause any compatibility issues as it has almost full browser support.

Free for Commercial Use

This landing page template is completely free and can be used in both personal and commercial projects. For more information check out Tutorialzine’s licence page.

We hope you enjoyed this template! If you want more free stuff check out our full collection of freebies and leave any suggestions for new templates that you want to see in the comments below!