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Five Reasons Why Video on Websites is a Good Idea

An image is worth a thousand words. This is even truer when it comes to moving pictures. Written content in many cases is not sufficient to gain attention in the world wide web. Videos have become a matter of course and people no longer only share them on YouTube but also on social networks such as Facebook. Have you ever thought about using video for your website? We have five reasons to show you that this is actually a good idea. Videos Convey Content Easily Complex correlations are not easy to convey. Videos can simplify the task considerably. Long articles tend to turn off a lot of people even though they might be enriched with images and charts. „Brandenburger Tor” in Motion Animations and other motion picture elements not only help support understanding but also leaven the atmosphere. Videos need not be produced with a lot of effort and money. Videos that explain complex correlations or technical details benefit from getting enriched with additional material. Stock videos are a great supplement here. Stock providers such as Bigstock, originally being known for their large portfolios of stock photography, have extended their offerings to cover video in high resolutions too. Most of […]