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First Look at Yahoo’s MySQL Performance Analyzer

When you deploy an app to production servers, you may experience some database problems as your data grows. Some tools can help you debug and solve your problems, like MysqlTuner, Percona, etc. In this article, we’re going to explore the Yahoo MySql performance analyzer and see what the main features are.

Vector illustration of gauge with pointer in the red, indicating speed


The analyzer uses SNMP when available, so it’s a good idea to have it installed on your database server.

Because this is a JAVA application, make sure you have JDK installed before proceeding. It requires version 8 to run, but version 7 is fine since it doesn’t use any of version 8’s features. You can read more in the readme file in the repo.

I have a demo application on my Vagrant box, and I will install the analyzer in the root of my application. Let’s start by logging into our machine using ssh and cloning the repository.

vagrant ssh
git clone [email protected].com:yahoo/mysql_perf_analyzer.git myperf

To build the application, you need to run the mvn clean package command. After the build process is done, you’ll find a file under the perfJettyServer/target directory. Move that file to a new directory on your server and extract it. The resulting output contains and scripts to manage the server. Let’s use the start script to launch the application. You can read more about the available options in the repo.

Managing Users

After starting the server, open your browser using your machine hostname and the specified port ( You can log in with the default admin account (username: myperf, password: change).

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