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Extending OctoberCMS – Building a Soft-Delete Plugin

Developers usually stick with a new CMS for its simplicity and extensibility. OctoberCMS presents itself as a back to basics CMS, and provides an enjoyable experience for both developers and users. In this article, I’m going to demonstrate some aspects of the CMS that makes it extensible, and we’ll also try a simple plugin to extend another plugin functionality.



Every CMS has a plugin system for extending the platform’s functionality, and we measure the extensibility by how deep into the CMS’ inner workings we can go. However, we’re not only talking about the CMS here, we’re talking about plugins!

If you build a plugin, you need to make sure that other developers can change bits of your functionality. For example, we have a blog plugin and the user can publish a post by selecting it on a list. It would be a good idea to fire an event saying that a new post has been published, and another developer may hook into this event and notify subscribed users via email about this!

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