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Editorial: How Do You Keep Your Skill Set Relevant?

The web industry moves at a blistering pace and it can often feel like it’s difficult to keep up. This is especially true of JavaScript land where frameworks are going in and out of fashion all the time, each with their own way of accomplishing the same basic tasks. So how do you keep your skill set relevant? Over on the main site, we published a great article for those of you that do (or are looking to do) side projects. It’s full of resources to inspire you and plenty of tips for keeping learning fun.

But, you know, side projects aren’t for everybody, right? So today I’d like to add a further tip for the list — start answering programming questions. If that makes you think of Stack Overflow, you’re forgiven 🙂 Stack Overflow is indeed a great place to ask and answer programming questions, but its flaws are well documented and it’s not for everybody. Instead, I’d like to suggest an alternative — SitePoint forums.

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