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eCommerce Made Simple with the New XStore WordPress Theme

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A new eCommerce theme has just been launched. This theme’s functionality fully takes into account the latest digital design tends. It is packed with powerful features, and it is a WordPress theme that is simple and easy to use.

XStore is the brainchild of a team of elite Themeforest authors with 4 years of experience in the WordPress product world. This theme not only makes it easy to create websites that feature an outstanding UX, but it gives you, the designer, a good user experience as well.

It has much going for it, as these various capabilities suggest:

  • Design options, including options for header types, that you can implement with the aid of the powerful admin panel;
  • Product page options and page editing capabilities that are really advanced;
  • Extremely efficient hover effects;
  • Responsiveness, and impressive page speed performance improvements are there for you as well.

Sharp Demo Stores for eCommerce

XStore comes with an nice selection of demo stores, that you can use to rapidly create an eCommerce shop or for your inspiration. It is suited for different types of businesses (furniture, cosmetics, bike and so on) but also comes in different styles and colors, such as the dark one.


Minimalist designs are a characteristic of this demo. The combination of sharp foreground images and background conceptual images combine to tell an engaging story about what this demo shop has to offer. The long scrolling capability provides a perfect UX for mobile users.


In Wedding, the background is simple, save for the color, which helps to draw attention to the hero images. The other images on the page are minimalist, including the gallery, where the images are quite striking. Accessories are nicely presented, both as larger size images, and as thumbnails. Plenty of information; but without clutter.


This XStore demo store makes good use of background imagery, a slider effect, and a hover effect. The background images have a clean look that helps accentuate the modern look of the products being displayed.


Dark equates to dramatic; which is characteristic of this demo. The dark background patterns have a focusing effect as they mesh perfectly with the foreground images and text. The homepage features subtle effects (parallax and hover) that translate the user experience in a very engaging one. Also, there is a certain touch of luxury transmitted by this dark demo shop.

Examples of How Hover Effects Can Produce Good eCommerce Category Pages

Hover effects are important in this type of website. They can be used to present useful information in a way that reduces clutter and the number of clicks required by the user, and they can also serve as navigation aids, leading to a call to action.

Hover effects can be entertaining. They tend to engage the user. Hover over one image, and you are tempted to hover over the next one, and the next one, depending on the information value brought by this action. Engaging users by an astute usage of this special effect can easily translate into an increase in conversion rates.

Here are some examples on the hover effects available in this eCommerce WordPress theme.

Analyzing them all, we can say that a simple hover effect may display the product better. Showing the price at the top of the product keeps the user informed.

A minimalist effect keeps the page simple, a darker effect draws attention to the image and adds a sense of visual equilibrium. Also, a vertical photo effect is interesting – it can create a stylish perspective.

The bottom line: You can incorporate almost any functionality you wish with hover effect. All you need to remember, is that the intended purpose should be to engage and assist the user, and lead him further into the conversion funnel.

XStore – A Promising WP Theme

XStore is a new theme on the market. It is modern, and highly innovative in its approach to creating a great UX. It is based on the 4 years of experience is creators, the 8theme Power Elite Authors on ThemeForest, have in creating WP themes.

These authors are fully aware of what eCommerce store owners and their patrons want and need; given the feedback they have received from their more than 28,000 customers.

XStore’s has many fine features. If you were to pick two or three that really make a difference in creating an awesome, fully responsive eCommerce website, you might choose these.

  • The Admin Panel, which gives you access to the many design options, and which contributes to the outstanding flexibility XStore offers.
  • Product page options: lots of them. You can organize and showcase your products in the best possible way. Not only can these options get your design efforts off to a fast start, but they allow you to be innovative and inventive; without getting into trouble. Blog page layout options are provided as well.
  • A page editor (Visual Composer) with additional elements offers even greater flexibility, and the Revolution Slider makes it possible to incorporate all kinds of automations and slider effects. The sky’s the limit.
  • Not to forget: this theme’s creators promise an increase in store loading time compared to other themes.

Summing up, this theme will produce professional, user-friendly, and totally engaging online stores that your clients and users, including mobile shoppers, will love. Even first-time WP users will have no trouble setting up this theme, and making maximum use of what it offers.

Did we mention that no coding is required?

Putting it all together – XStore is worth a shot.

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