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Divi “Drops Mic” – and This Is How the Web Design Community Reacts

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It’s not difficult to understand why web designers love Divi so much. It has been a hit from the release of Divi 1.0. It’s Elegant Theme’s most popular theme, and it has been so for some time.

There was always something new being added, that other themes simply did not have, and most of them still don’t. As an example, Version 2.7 integrated A/B testing. A pretty revolutionary move for the WordPress environment.

The video showing the new front end builder, has created quite a stir. Now, with Divi 3.0’s launch, the fun begins.

The web design community’s reaction to the launch was enthusiastic.

Divi has enjoyed serving its loyal user community from the beginning. Its authors have always taken care to take into account and implement much of the feedback provided by the theme’s users. This strategy has allowed Divi’s creators to connect with the user community, and it has served everyone well.

Here’s the video that generated such enthusiasm.

And here are the super enthusiastic reactions throughout the community:

“As a younger designer in the 1980s, I was blown away by WYSIWYG with PageMaker v1! This will give me the same thrill for on-line designing. Always had a need for speed. Great work.” – Cristopher

“WOW! This reminds me of what Jackson Pollock did for the artist. He changed the way artists worked and thought about their medium.” – Joshua

“Finally. Somebody gets it. Been waiting like 10 years for this!” – Teton

“I’m doing 1-armed pushups I’m so excited.” – Derek

“OMG, I’m in disbelief!! I only joined the ET Dev club a week ago and I can’t believe the amassing difference between ET and another theme Dev’s. It feels like a privileged to even be here! WOW. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be a customer of a product that is more than good, Yes I’m talking about Divi mostly, I haven’t had time to properly digest the bigger picture yet! it’s way beyond excellent and more…. a lot more…. ET is way above my initial expectations and I love it! I’ll be here and part of the family for life that’s for sure.”- Liz

Hundreds of web designers were happy to sign up to take part in the beta testing. They offered a multitude of helpful ideas:

Bill H (August 11, 2016): “I have 4 websites using Divi. I also run a non-Divi website built for a senior citizen community. They do the updates to the website, but they aren’t extremely computer- savvy, so it’s tough for me to teach them. I’m thinking Divi 3.0 is going to be a good fit for them.”

BrantH (August 11, 2016): “An auto h1 would be good… and not really that hard to code in. However, I think the reason it’s not there is because if you add in a full width element, you might not want an h1… or you would of course want it below the full width header if you did want to include it. Again, these wouldn’t be impossible to code in, but I don’t think an auto h1 is ideal for every scenario.

Paul (August 11, 2016): “Awaiting the birth of a remarkable evolution that will change my life. Thank you!”

This Is Why You Should Get Excited as Well

When was the last time a web page became alive as you were building or editing? Or have you ever had that experience? Here’s what Divi 3.0 does that makes that experience happen. It’s like building your website on the website.

First, some input; straight from the source:

“Unlike the current version of the Divi Builder, in which elements on the page are represented by blocks, elements in the visual editor are represented by themselves. You can click into any section, row or module and edit the element’s settings just like you would in the current builder. When in visual mode, however, the broader editing experience, particularly the interplay between a module’s settings and the actual output of those settings, is infinitely more intuitive

When you make a change, it happens instantly (and I mean instantly)! All of the editing occurs in your browser which means there is no need to use Ajax calls to load elements or update the design, and since we are using React, updating the DOM is incredibly efficient. Building a new page is really, really fast.” – Nick Roach, Elegant Theme’s founder

Hover and Click to Add a New Element

Hover over the location on your webpage and click. You’ll be prompted to select one of the 40+ customizable content modules. Click on your selection, and it will instantly appear on your page, ready to be modified.

Easily Customize Anything or Everything

When you customize an element, you’ll see what you’ve accomplished on your web page – in real time.

You can:

  • Choose from dozens of custom fonts. Change letter spacing, line height, and text color and size.
  • Change column and row parameters, add padding, or change margins.
  • Add background colors, images, and video backgrounds and incorporate parallax.
  • Drag, drop, copy and paste content elements.
  • Apply different design settings for each responsive breakpoint.

Experience the Delights of Super-Smooth Inline Editing

You can forget about any need to open up a design element’s settings to edit its text content. That makes one less thing to worry about. When the visual editor is active, the text on your page is instantly editable – all of it. You’ll find the inline editor UI super smooth in its performance, and friendly to work with.

Experience Mind-boggling Speed

Divi 3.0‘s visual builder is the fastest online builder you’ve ever encountered. It’s build from ground up using React and Flux. The building experience occurs right on your browser. No page loading or any need for page refreshes is involved. You can expect nearly instantaneous updates as you add or edit content. Internet speed is not a factor.

Work with an “Invisible”, Customizable Builder Interface

“Invisible” aptly describes the new visual builder’s interface. This is a case of a builder’s design being so good that it goes unnoticed. It’s just there. It doesn’t get in your way, nor does it present you with tons of options and choices that you have no immediate need for. It predicts your intentions and offers solutions. You won’t even be aware of the workings of the design until you have a specific need that has to be met.

The UI is also customizable; another rarity in the WP theme domain. You have the option to display the builder’s controls and settings as you want. Simply adjust them to how they will fit best in your work area.

Discover How React Makes Things Easier for You

You will be working with a builder that was built from the ground up using React and Flux. With the Divi 3.0 builder, Elegant Themes is investing in the future, and you, its user, can share the dividends.

You won’t have to be working with Divi 3.0 for very long before you begin to realize that you’ve become a part of something big. This new release is a WP environment game changer. You might in fact find it hard to believe at first. This is a theme that is so simple and intuitive to use and can boost your performance to new heights. You’ll never want to go back.

Discover Divi 3.0 Here!

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