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Divi 2.7 Introduces Exciting Conversion Rate Optimization Features

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The new features presented in the latest version of the Divi WordPress theme, Divi 2.7, are not incremental improvements. These new features introduce a new and exciting trend in WordPress theme capabilities.

Instead of focusing almost entirely on a website’s user experience, Divi’s new features offer the web designer, and the client, a set of marketing tools to work with.

Web designers are not typically known for integrating sales and marketing techniques into their creations. Those that have chosen to do so, have usually found that it entails a significant amount of extra work, and more often than not a need for coding.

Divi 2.7 has changed the rules by enabling the designer to build a website that features brains as well as beauty; and without any need for coding. Beauty has always been there. The brains? They are supplied by the new conversion rate optimization (CRO) features.

Is CRO the New Trend in WordPress Themes?

Web designers traditionally focus on creating a user experience that will attract and engage website visitors. This is as it should be; but something has been missing.

Until now, measuring user activity for the purpose of enhancing conversion rates has required extra work, and has been treated as a separate, though important, issue.

With Divi 2.7’s new CRO features, website UX and marketing can be addressed in tandem, rather than serially; an approach that clients will definitely find to be beneficial.

Why is CRO So Important?

  • The principal CRO objective, is to improve website performance, with respect to repeat visits, sales, and leads.
  • Action taken to accomplish this is based on the analysis of real data; not on guesswork.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide the basis for optimization; KIPs can be somewhat unique for a particular website.
  • The whole purpose of CRO is to make the best use of the traffic a website receives.

Divi 2.7: Introducing the Divi Leads Feature, and the Role It Plays

The Divi Leads feature, a natural extension to the Divi Builder, focuses on the client’s business objectives, one of which is achieving an optimal conversion rate, given the amount of traffic a website attracts.

CRO is achieved by comparing one website page against another to see which performs best. This is called split testing, or A/B testing, and Divi Leads includes an A/B testing system.

What Divi Leads Does:

  • It is used to validate changes in design.
  • It is used to validate message hypotheses; such as a call to action.
  • It is used to validate design element placement to see which location yields the best user response.

The difference between the web pages being compared can be a headline, a button’s placement, or a total difference in overall page design. The objective of the test is the same for each case however. It is to see which version works best.

Divi 2.7: Announcing Powerful Stats and Insights, and What This Means

Statistics are valid only to the extent the data they are based upon is valid. CRO is based on valid statistics and objective analysis. CRO is not based on hunches, guesses, or opinion.

Divi 2.7 provides a means of gathering the information necessary to assess which of two variants is a winner once A/B testing has commenced.

The KIPs measured, while they can vary from one website or one page to another, typically consist of click, bounce rates, and sales, although any meaningful KIP can be tested.

The objective of this testing is always either that of discovering reasons why website visitors are not converting, or why they are converting as much or as often as expected. Once a reason has been determined, a fix will be made and another test will be run.

Additional Features in the New Divi 2.7

Although the CRO enhancing features of Divi 2.7 are in the spotlight, there are other new features Divi users will welcome. Users will love 2.7’s portability options.

These options make it easy for a designer to create, transfer, and share Divi configurations as well as Divi Builder layouts. The portability feature allows easier collaboration with design colleagues, and benefits clients as well.

Divi Builder Page Settings is another new feature. It enables the designer to modify am entire page’s design options, rather than having to do so piecemeal, or module by module.

Divi users will love all of the new Version 2.7 features, and they will especially enjoy the new features which gives them the opportunity to test and make CRO measurements in an actual working environment, and be on the ground floor of what should be an exciting new WordPress theme trend.

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