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Designers, Use Uncode’s Visuals for Great Visitor Experiences in 2018 Sponsored

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Today, there are over 1.8 million websites online, making it easy for consumers to hop from site to site. As a website developer, it’s easy to forego attention to visitor retention. In fact, it is hard to focus on building a creative, responsive website that’s “pretty” to look at.

The level of competition online is on the rise currently. With this, comes a higher demand for a good-looking website that also keeps the customer in mind. So much so that it’s commonly considered to be the key to success.

This doesn’t just include online retailers, but also portfolio websites and blogs. Luckily, there are a couple of ways that you can keep customers coming back to your site. Here are a couple of examples of what we mean:

Using a Slide-Scroller to Present Your Content to the Viewer

This tool allows you to completely transform a boring, one-page design. Instead, you can have something eye-catching and exciting to the viewer. With slide scroll, your users can easily move between sections of your page. They can do so with their mouse or keyboard.

Major companies all over the world, such as Apple have adapted to showcasing their sites in this way. They use some pretty cool and cutting-edge transitions. These include Curtain, Parallax, Zoom, and 3D.

The site below uses Uncode. It is a theme that uses visual experiences to make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Use Shape Dividers to Turn Dull, Cookie-Cutter Content into Something Interesting

If you’re like millions of web users, you’re probably tired of seeing the same square type layouts on everyone’s site. The good news is that a lot of designers are tired of this as well.

Using visual experience helps. You can now transform your regular square-shaped sections into awesome shapes-based modules. This is just one way that you can efficiently organize your information on a single page. All while keeping your story or information exciting and coherent.

You can also use creative page dividers to separate out your sections. These separators give you the professional look that your boss wants. They also give you the creative site that you and your customers desire. A perfect example of a site that integrates shapes and dividers into their site is below. It’s easy to see why these add-ons make for an interesting layout.

Using Video to Showcase the Most Important Information to Your Viewers

Are you looking for ways to immediately catch your viewer’s attention? Then, an above-the-fold video is a great way to accomplish this. It also is a great way to get your viewers to listen to your message.

This video can be a reel, a promotional campaign, or a presentation for your new start-up. Integrating a brief video on your homepage is a great idea. You can be sure to keep the reader on your site longer before moving to someone else’s.

This is an awesome example of using a video on your homepage. At the same time, you can still keep the natural feel of the website:

As a tip, the play button for your video should have a contrasting color the dominant color of the video. Like that, it stands out and invites people to click the video right away.

Also, the thumbnail of the video matters. For example, a thumbnail showing a person in the middle of an action will attract attention.

Using Uncode WordPress Theme

One of the best ways that you can use visuals to achieve high visitor retention is by using Uncode. Uncode is a WordPress theme that takes a dull site and turns it into a stunning and creative experience.

This theme comes with an extensive demo catalog. Uncode is for web designers, photographers, video makers, bloggers, marketers, and business owners. Every demo in the catalog is unique. Each features Parallax images, one-click galleries, and elegant designs for eCommerce.

With this feature, everything is ready to go – you no longer have to make a website from scratch. All you need to do is to choose your desired template, upload your content, and select publish! If you don’t see a template you like, you can also design your own with just a few clicks.

Some of the features include

  • A tailored version of Visual Composer to create eye-catching visuals
  • Mix and match sections, slides, and galleries
  • Slide scroll and snap scroll
  • Multiple menu style options
  • Adaptable to any screen size
  • WooCommerce adaptable
  • Special blog and portfolio layouts
  • And more!

Conclusion: How Can You Use Visuals for High Visitor Retention?

To make matters simple, Uncode is doing great things for online web designers. You can make your website stand out in a crowd by using specially designed templates and videos.

Like most things in this world, if you’re not updating your look and content, people will stop noticing your site. With the clever use of white space, bold coloring, and animation, you’re sure to stand out! It only takes a few hours to make the website that you’ve always wanted. Start your journey with Uncode!

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