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Deal of the Week: Trend Font Family Bargained Away

I like this vintage retro look with slight reminiscences to stonewashed clothing. Our Deal of the Week has a whole family of 20 different fonts following that trend. These typefaces are so trendy, they are even named Trend. Besides all the cletters and numbers there four dingbats fonts featuring ornaments, words and general dingbat symbols included. This font family offers a wholesale solution for any retro project. All the Best in Short Words Get three large font families in one with Trend, Trend Hand Made and Trend Rough, each featuring loads of typeface variations. The Trend Font Family was created as a group of layers using a sans and slab font as the base. Beautifully fashionable, Trend seamlessly integrates elements of fashion in a popular and current trend-worthy manner. With so many different weights and styles (including Italics, Sans and Slab versions), this collection features 20 unique fonts in total! Add even more elegance to your designs with a variety of Trend Rough Ornaments. Use Trend Rough Words to share common and popular words in a preset design. You’ll even get a set of Trend Rough Dingbats to finish off your project in total style. This is How it Looks […]