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Custom Display Suite Fields in Drupal 8

Without question, Display Suite is one of the most popular modules in Drupal’s contributed modules history. It allows the creation of layouts, fields and exposes all sorts of other powerful tools we use to build the presentation layer of our Drupal sites.

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One of the more powerful features of Display Suite (DS) is the ability to create custom fields that can be displayed inside DS layouts alongside the actual core field values. In Drupal 7, this has been a very popular way of building layouts and showing dynamic data that is not strictly related to the output of any Field API field on the node (or other) entity.

Display Suite has been ported and is being maintained for Drupal 8. Depending on another contributed module called Layout Plugin, the D8 version offers much of what we have available in Drupal 7 and probably even more.

In this article, we are going to look at how we can create our own Display Suite field in Drupal 8 using the new OOP architecture and plugin system. To demonstrate this, we are going to create a DS field available only on the Article nodes that can be used to display a list of taxonomy terms from a certain vocabulary. And we’re going to make it so that the latter can be configured from the UI, namely admins will be able to specify which vocabulary’s terms should be listed. Not much usefulness in this example, I know, but it will allow you to understand how things work.

If you are following along, the code we write is available in this repository inside the Demo module. So feel free to check that out.

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