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CSS Icons: 20 Vibrant, Fast, and Light Code Snippets

Use of modern and cutting-edge features of CSS3 has long ago moved from experimental to ordinary. Developers often turn to advanced properties such as animations, pseudo-classes, selectors, calculating values, 3d transforms, etc. without fear of browser compatibility or possible crashes. With an excellent support from JavaScript that can be used for fallbacks, creating websites from CSS-only elements nowadays has become a reality. It concerns not only static objects but also dynamic ones. Almost every detail of the layout can be reproduced through a skillful combination of HTML and CSS. For example icons, the essential and vital elements of any interface. Its implementation has undergone drastic changes, from generic raster graphics to responsive SVG and code-based variants. With little efforts and skills, you can create or, to be more precise, develop icons from scratch and even assign to them some motion or behavior. They are lightweight, quick, and even smart and adaptive. Of course, CSS3 is not omnipotent, and there are no universal solutions and techniques. It is well-suited for reproducing clean, crisp, subtle, apparent and not complex graphics though there is always room for exceptions. Today we have prepared a small collection of CSS-powered icons, the code snippets of which are excellent examples and […]