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Creating a SCRUD System Using jQuery, JSON and DataTables

Every non trivial software allows to manipulate data, generally stored in a database. The acronym SCRUD refers to the basic manipulation functions that the user needs to work with the available data: Search, Create, Read, Update and Delete.

In this article we’ll create a web application which empowers the user to search a database and fully manage its content. The system is based on jQuery, JSON, and the popular DataTables and jQuery Validation plugins.

The interface of the SCRUD application

What We’ll Use

In this section I’ll briefly cover the libraries and plugins I’ll employ in this tutorial.

jQuery and Ajax

jQuery is a free, open source and cross-platform JavaScript library which simplifies client-side HTML scripting. jQuery makes it easier to select the DOM elements and perform DOM manipulation operations, and handle events, such as mouse clicks and keyboard input. In my opinion, jQuery is the de facto standard for creating Ajax applications.

Ajax is a technique that allows you to execute HTTP requests asyncronously. This means that web applications can retrieve data from and send data to the web server without fully reloading the web page.

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