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Create a Job Board Site Using the WordPress Job Board Plugin

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It is a well-known fact that creating a niche site using WordPress is not exactly rocket science. All you need are the right tools for the job, be it a WordPress theme or plugin, and you can create virtually any type of website using WordPress — magazine, portfolio, sports site, restaurant site, even a job board!

Speaking of job boards, how does you create them using WordPress? Once again, the right tools are needed, and in this article, I will be taking a closer look at one such tool: the WordPress Job Board plugin.

What Does The Plugin Do?

As the name suggests, the WordPress Job Board plugin is what you will use if you wish to create a job board using WordPress as the platform of your choice. As a premium offering, WP Job Board plugin has a lot to offer. Here is a look at some of its major features:

  • WP Job Board comes with over 15 custom shortcodes, as well as all the other standard features that you would expect from a WordPress plugin. Need just a job board? No problem. How about a blog and a job board? Sure, this plugin can handle that as well.
  • It comes with its own intuitive visual editor and custom fields. If drag and drop is your main weapon of choice, you can easily take full control over the layout of your website. And if it is not, don’t worry! The custom PHP templating engine will ensure that you have absolute power over the customization and tweaking of your WordPress job board.
  • The plugin offers tight integration within WordPress: upload and download of resume, SEO settings, monetization features and a lot more are handled by the plugin itself, leaving you with free time that you can actually use to manage your website.

The Plugin in Action

That said, how exactly does this plugin fare in terms of performance? Let us run it down in terms of front-end and back-end performance.

On the front-end, the plugin lets you run and manage your job board, enabling users to browse through and apply for specific jobs as per their wishes. Job searches, RSS feeds, email alerts and subscriptions, as well as custom management options for applicants and recruiters — there is all you can ask for!

In terms of back-end working, that is the actual appearance and functioning of the plugin as you would see when you login to your WordPress admin panel, the plugin views Jobs and Applications and custom post types within its own sub-section. As such, you can specify job categories, applicant and employer details, and so on.

One special feature of the plugin is that it lets you handle discount codes as well as different “types” of job listings from within itself — much like WooCommerce. Thus, you can have a Free listing with limited features, or a Paid listing with extra features, and so on.

The plugin also enables you to handle custom email templates, though personally, I prefer using MailChimp or Mandrill for emails, and rarely send emails via WordPress, so this is one feature I probably won’t be running into anytime soon.

That said, the WordPress Job Board plugin offers all the bells and whistles that a job board requires, including the ability to import from popular job board services such as or Career Builder.


A Personal License for WordPress Job Board plugin costs $97, whereas a Business License costs $199. Both options come with a year of upgrades and support, as well as all the other features and access to documentation. However, the Business License allows you access to beta features as well, and can be used across unlimited websites, whereas the Personal License can only be used on one website.

In either case, you also get a free premium WordPress theme: named Jobeleon, this free job board WordPress theme is fully responsive, features minimal and flat design, and comes with custom templates and color schemes. Here is how it looks in action:


So, how does the WordPress Job Board plugin do?

Simply put, it does its job really well. Furthermore, considering the fact that there are hardly any decent job board plugins out there for WordPress users, it is probably the best solution out there available for anyone who wishes to create a job board with the help of WordPress. Whether you are developer or agency, if you are looking for a convenient solution that you can customize to suit the needs of your clients, or if you are blogger who wishes to add a job board to an existing blog, WordPress Job Board is one plugin you should surely check out!

Wanna see it in action? Check out the demo!

What do you think of the WordPress Job Board plugin? Share your views in the comments below!

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