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Covering Laracon: Are Online Conferences Introvert Heaven?

I’ve been to my fair share of conferences, and one thing that always happens is there’s a clique of us relatively talkative types (I suppose as speakers, we tend to feel empowered), and a whole lot, and I mean a whole lot of very quiet and reserved fellows, looking like Ed Sheeran queueing up to meet Ed Sheeran.

Awkward Ed Sheeran

(image via Reddit)

They’ll have the swag, they’ll have the laptops, and they’ll be in every talk’s audience, but getting them to take a step forward and say the first word will be almost impossible. If you’re one of these introverts, I feel you. I used to be just like that. In many scenarios I still am, and as far as I know, there’s still no definitive cure. Sometimes, the major deterrent is apparent expertise of the person you don’t dare talk to (almost always fake – everyone you ever meet will know something you don’t), sometimes it’s just general awkwardness (/me raises hand), but it usually ends with cliques being formed and all the introverts being largely left behind.

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