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Controlling a Motorbot Using Arduino and Node.js

Recently GitHub published a blog post which showed how the different languages have been evolving during the time. The rank represents the languages used in GitHub’s public and private repositories, excluding forks, as detected by a library called Linguist. As evident from it, JavaScript is definitely winning the race, in a wide variety of fields. The programming language is becoming a very popular choice for game programming, robotics, and IoT devices, despite of the very strong competition coming from C, C++, and Java. When JavaScript started powering robots, NodeBots were born.

NodeBots are robots that are controlled by Node.js. If you are interested in knowing a little bit more about them, I suggest you to read the article titled An introduction to NodeBots by Patrick Catanzariti .

In this tutorial, we’ll make a simple NodeBot which can be controlled from the browser. The source code of the whole project is available on GitHub.

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