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Clean Code Architecture and Test Driven Development in PHP

The Clean Code Architecture was introduced by Robert C. Martin on the 8light blog. The idea was to create an architecture which is independent of any external agency. Your business logic should not be coupled to a framework, a database, or to the web itself. With the independence, you have several advantages. For example, you have the ability to defer technical decisions to a later point during development (e.g. choosing a framework and choosing a database engine/provider). You can also easily switch the implementations or compare different implementations, but the biggest advantage is that your tests will run fast.

Just think about it. Do you really have to run through a router, load a database abstract layer or some ORM magic, or execute some other code just to assert one or more results?

I started to learn and practice this architecture because of my old favorite framework Kohana. At some point, the core developer stopped maintaining the code, which also meant that my projects would not get any further updates or security fixes. This meant that I had to either move to another framework and rewrite the entire project or trust the community development version.

Clean Code Architecture

I could have chosen to go with another framework. Maybe it would have been better to go with Symfony 1 or Zend 1, but by now that framework would have also changed.

Frameworks will continue to change and evolve. With composer, it is easy to install and replace packages, but it is also easy to abandon a package (composer even has the option to mark a package as abandoned), so it is easy to make “the wrong choice”.

In this tutorial, I will show you how we can implement the Clean Code Architecture in PHP, in order to be in control of our own logic, without being dependent on external providers, but while still using them. We will create a simple guestbook application.

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