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Cartoon: What Does Your Son Do for a Living?

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In twenty years from now, this will be off the cards. But today, it’s still tough to explain to our parents what we make our money with, isn’t it? For years, my mother used to say that I did „something with computers.“ And who doesn’t know the famous phrase „something with media“? But it really is not that simple with modern jobs.

Just recently, a craftsman came into my office to maintain the AC. I was at the computer. He said: „Oh, that’s good. I was worried that I might disturb you!“ Hello? The average guy seems to associate things like Facebook, Clipfish, and YouPorn with people that sit at the computer, but no serious work. At first, I wanted to explain to him that he actually did disturb me a lot, since he had interrupted my flow. I came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t understand me anyways, and just mumbled „No, it’s fine,“ with a shrug.

How do you explain to your parents what you do for a living? And do you think they understand?

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