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Cartoon: Language is a Precision Tool

Category: Cartoons, Essentials

„Boy, language is a precision tool”. That’s what my English teacher used to preach. We all hated him for his pedantry. Today I know that the man was just right. Most misunderstandings stem from spoken words. This is not only a problem of proper grammar. More important is that people tend to translate words on the way from ear to brain into something they can or want to understand. Our cartoon shows a fine example of that phenomenon. Have fun… „Language is a precision tool”. What’s the use of this insight as long as you are the only one to have it? Our customer here is obviously able to thoroughly explain what he expects. Unfortunately our designer breaks the words down to something he is able to understand or do. I have often seen people scale things down to fit their limited skills. Most of those even thought this was the perfect way to go. What else should they have done? Reject the order and tell the truth? Naaah. Come on… My prediction for this customer relationship: they will both be dissatisfied in the end… By the way, we have more cartoons for you here.