Cartoon: A Great Opportunity

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We bring designers together from Berlin to Bombay. Ever heard a slogan like that? I am sure you have. There are platforms out there that try to sell you the international comparability of your designs as an advantage. Let me tell you a secret: It is not!

Cartoon: A Great Opportunity

To be more precise: It is not an advantage should you be one of those designers that are facing the combination of the advantage of living in the western hemisphere and the disadvantage of the costs living in that location. Should you be one of those designers living somewhere in the Third World, the advantages of these platforms prevail. It needs no explanation that a competitor in a country where the average monthly earnings are 100 USD (and the costs accordingly) will always be able to offer at much cheaper rates than any average US or Europe citizen.

Whether or not you are living here or there, it is never a good idea to reduce design work to prices only. A stable customer relationship is important in these fast times. And these relationships cannot be built upon prices only.

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