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Bushel: Unexpensive Mobile Device Management Made Easy

If your small organization uses Apple products in a decentralized environment, you will already have encountered a bunch of problems. How can you make sure that all the devices run the necessary apps, got the relevant settings and secure your company data? Sounds familiar? Bushel, a fresh service created by industry veteran JAMF Software, wants to help you with its straight-forward, almost intuitive approach. Bushel: Set Atop of Appleā€™s Mobile Device Management Capabilities Bushel makes deploying and administering Apple devices fast and easy. Be aware that, when I say Apple products, I mean it. There is no way to manage other devices. Bushel concentrates on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Apple Watch might be supported one day, but today is not. While you can use the Mobile Device Management (MDM) from any modern browser, also on Windows and elsewhere, you will not be able to manage hardware not build by our friends from Cupertino. But if you are dedicated to the OSX and iOS ecosystem anyway and got more than one Apple device to keep in sync and up to date, Bushel is well worth taking note of. Bushel is based on the Mobile Device Management capabilities Apple has in store […]