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Build Your Next Website with Squarespace

I’ve been reminded a few times lately how the web is both is a great enabler, allowing people all over the world to share ideas and build businesses, and a pain in the ass.

The other day, I listened to a gentlemen explain to me his unique startup business, a marketplace connecting two groups of people. It will be a real challenge, I thought, reaching all these people on both sides and getting them to understand how his business can help. He was up for the challenge and making great headway. His biggest problem, he said, was his website. ARG! The website should not be the limiting factor here. It should not be the hard part. The website should be the easy part. The hard part is reaching all those people that can make or break this idea.

A few weekends ago I watched a team come together and, highly reluctantly, spend their entire weekend handling frustrating infrastructure work on their website. Migrations gone haywire; upgrades being harder than they should have been. These people work with web tech, but web tech isn’t their business. Their time is better spent building their business, and on the weekend, resting their brains.

I’m not that worried about these folks. They have the expertise and resources to get through. I am worried about all the people out there who don’t. I’m worried about the people who are entrenched in a website setup that is far too complex for them and actively disrupting their work and business.

I wish more people used Squarespace.

With Squarespace, you’re getting a beautifully designed responsive site. You don’t have to worry about upgrades or security. You control everything – you don’t need permission or to call someone to change things on your site. You don’t need to worry about how domain names work, or hosting, or SSL. It makes the website the easy part so you can focus on whatever your hard part is. Plus I’ll worry about you less.

Use the offer code “CSS” at check-out to get 10% off your first purchase.

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