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Bootstrap Building Engine: Create WordPress Sites in Minutes!

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When it comes to building websites, sometimes you need to create more complicated projects rather than simple blogs. WordPress does come with a great number of features, and with the help of the right plugins and themes, you can extend its functionality.

Loads of plugins or themes can help you do more with WordPress. You can find page builder plugins, specialized niche themes, and a lot more.

But the big question is: how do you locate a general solution that is simple enough to be usable, and powerful enough to actually let you create whatever you want, without wasting time learning a closed, proprietary and limited environment?

If that question has troubled you in the past, look no more. Today, we introduce you to a special WordPress theme: Bootstrap Building Engine for WordPress, or in short, BBE for WordPress.

Built upon the idea of contextuality, ease of use, and absence of limits, it’s the “page builder for the rest of us”.

What is BBE?

BBE is a WordPress theme that includes a fully frontend-based page builder. It is built entirely on Bootstrap and allows web page prototyping and deployment at a high speed.

But what makes BBE special? Aren’t there a million page builders out there? Well, BBE offers a different approach as compared to other competing products.

BBE technically allows you to build pages without knowledge of HTML – but if you know a little HTML, you will enjoy it even more: imagine having a CodePen-style live editor married to a WordPress Theme…

BBE allows you to combine readymade responsive HTML components to build the web page as you want – while always retaining the ability to retouch the generated HTML code, live. Why would you need that – well, every professional webmaster, sooner or later, wants to have this kind of control – that’s why page builders have a quite bad reputation between PROs

Let’s put it in a metaphor: the ordinary page builder allows you to combine “bricks” that are not FULLY editable. With BBE, you are free to shape each and every brick the way you want.

And it goes without saying: everything that you create in BBE is responsive to its very core.

To help you get a better idea of what’s in store, here is a preview video:

BBE is built upon readymade HTML5 components. In other words, you can use it to save your time in web development as this particular WP theme comes loaded with all the modern day design components.

BBE for WP provides you with a live HTML editor which allows you to experiment the code along with the result on the page. Consider it to be a “Live Preview”, but on steroids — you have the luxury of going back and fixing it all, if you end up breaking something.

Impressed already? But BBE has a lot more to offer!

Major Features of BBE

  1. As already stated, BBE is based on Bootstrap. And it is common knowledge that Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for developing responsive and mobile-friendly projects on the web. BBE harnesses the advantages of such a sleek and powerful front end framework for faster and easier web development.
  2. BBE is not rocket science. This is a very simple WordPress theme that just works out of the box: you activate it like a normal theme, and then you get to work! It is as beginner-friendly as a WP theme can be.
  3. Most of the page builders out there are bloated and severely loaded, which can slow down your website. BBE is unlike them all; it is light-weight, agile and works with zero plugin dependencies.
  4. BBE is a front-end designer’s best friend. You can get all the features to edit content, labels, images from the front end directly without fiddling with the backend.
  5. It saves your HTML editing history so that you can go back and undo the steps that you find unwanted.
  6. BBE for WP comes with custom shortcodes and widgets as well, to help you extend your website and add additional content.


So, how much does one have to pay for BBE?

Here is the best part: BBE is totally free for you to download and use in your projects. There is no limit on the number of websites or projects that you can build using it. Free, forever.

The free theme is the full product. It is not a “lite” version of the premium version (in fact, there is no premium version per se). However, if you wish to extend its functionality, you can opt for the premium membership at $79 per annum.

The premium membership offers you access to a remote repository of HTML components. Thus, you can make use of additional readymade components to build your websites faster and quicker without having to start entirely from scratch all the time.


Overall, BBE for WP appears to be a perfect platform for you if you are looking for a simple and powerful WordPress theme that helps you build HTML5 and Bootstrap based sites in WP.

BBE integrates well and supports the standard WordPress Theme Customizer, thereby allowing you full control of all the template elements. As such, unlike other page builders, you are not locked down to BBE theme.

BBE gives you edge to edge, full control on every page element. Even more so, you can always revisit the generated HTML code and export or edit it. Thus, BBE is not a closed environment but an open and modern method of website creation.

Sounds interesting? Check out the BBE theme for WordPress right now!

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