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Best of 2016: 30 Tutorials for Photoshop Fans

What do you need to acquire proper skills to create outstanding artworks? The answer is trivial – studying and staying tuned all the time. While there are traditional ways to gain knowledge in graphic design such as schools and universities, there is also an alternative option that perfectly blends into our fast-moving society. Maybe it is not so deep and profound, yet it is still practical and in some situations can bring more benefits than you may think. Online courses and tutorials are the leading representatives of this stream in the education system.


Created by real pros and devoted enthusiasts how-tos manage to offer seekers a helping hand on numerous issues. It is always a pleasure to read a piece of writing that gently and unobtrusively guides you through a routine of crafting something incredible step-by-step. On your path, you can discover interesting findings, get acquainted with some impressive tricks, broaden your knowledge and simply sharpen skills and with all this, achieve pretty remarkable outcomes.

Today we focus on Adobe Photoshop and its aficionados. The collection covers 30 masterpieces that you can reproduce at home just by carefully following the instructions. You will find thrilling text effects, incredible photo manipulations, fantasy scenes and surreal compositions.

30 Best Tutorials for Photoshop

Cutout Paper Style in Photoshop

cutout paper style tutorial
Creator: Abduzeedo

Master Photoshop Layer Effects

master layers
Creator: James White

How These Amazing BAFTA 2016 Posters Were Drawn and Painted

bafta 2016 poster
Creator: Levente Szabo

How To Create a Suicide Squad Inspired 3D Text Effect

suicide squade inspired text effect
Creator: Chris Spooner

How to Create a Layered Floral Typography Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

floral text effect
Creator: Rose

Photo To Detailed Sketch With Photoshop

photo into sketch
Creator: photoshopessentials

Simple Break-Apart Rock Text Effect Creation In Photoshop

rock styles text effect
Creator: James Qu

Create a Fire Text Effect in Photoshop

fire text effect
Creator: Bunty Pundir

How to Create Glitch Art in Photoshop

glitch art
Creator: Bunty Pundir

Create a Fantasy Deer Photo Manipulation

gantazy deer scene
Creator: Bunty Pundir

Spaghetti Text Effect

spaghetti text effect
Creator: alfoart

Laboratory Glassware Letters | Realistic Text Effect

lab text effect
Creator: alfoart

Brain Text Effect | Realistic “Smart Idea” 3D Letters

brainy text effect
Creator: alfoart

Halloween Card | Creepy Skull with Pumpkin Brains Effect

halloween card
Creator: alfoart

Vintage Photo Effects – Create a 1940s and 1950s Film Noir Photo

vintage photos
Creator: Tigz Rice

Create an Awesome Underwater Scene Depicting a Dragon and a Treasure Hunter

fantazy underwater scene
Creator: Adrian Scheff

Create This Surreal Scene of Waterfall Mountains with Adobe Photoshop

surreal photo scene
Creator: Bunty Pundir

How To Create a Music Festival Poster Design in Photoshop

festival pster
Creator: Chris Spooner

How To Create a Grungy Star Wars Propaganda Poster in Photoshop

star wars poster
Creator: Chris Spooner

How to Create a Floral Portrait Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

floral portrait
Creator: Jenny Le

How to Create a Set of Zodiac Icons in Adobe Photoshop

zodiac iconsCreator: Yulia Sokolova

How To Create Rock 3D Text Effect With Flying Fire Sparks In Photoshop

rock 3d text
Creator: James Qu

Create Typography Using A Mixture Of Snow And Fire Elements In Photoshop

ancient text effect
Creator: James Qu

Create a Powerful Ancient Warrior Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

ancient warrior scene
Creator: James Qu

Photo To Color Pencil Sketch With Photoshop CC

photo into colorful sketch
Creator: Steve Patterson

How To Create a Realistic Pencil Sketch Effect in Photoshop

realistic pencil sketch
Creator: Chris Spooner

How To Create a Distorted VHS Effect in Photoshop

distorted photio
Creator: Chris Spooner

Create an Abstract Portrait

abstract portrait
Creator: Dek Wid

How to Make the X-Men Logo in Photoshop, 3D and 2D Versions

x-men logotype
Creator: Colin Smith

Blending Layers in Photoshop, Double Exposure Tutorial

blending layers
Creator: Colin Smith