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Be Theme: Build Websites, Within Minutes!

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While WordPress is a pretty simple Content Management System in its own right, and you can easily create virtually any genre of website within minutes, at times, having a theme that is truly user-friendly really helps. What if, for instance, your WordPress theme were able to not just give your website a unique and impressive look, but also save your time by offering pre-made layouts for you to choose from and customize quickly?

Allow me to introduce you to one such theme: Be Theme, that goes out of the way to make your life easy.

In simple words, Be Theme lets you customize and create a WordPress website with zero coding skills and knowledge. It is ideal for your personal projects, as well as any web design assignments that your clients might require.

Impressed already? Well, why don’t we check out what Be Theme brings to the table?

Be Theme: Pre-made Layouts For Your WordPress Site


Pre-made layouts are not something new. In fact, a good number of themes out there come with a visual composer of some sort nowadays, that allow you to customize your website via drag and drop, thereby letting you build pages and entire websites without having to deal with lengthy chunks of code.

Such pre-made custom layouts enhance productivity manifolds; you can setup a website and edit its layout easily, which saves your time and allows you to focus on bigger and more important things. Simply select the concerned template, edit font and images, save your work, and off you go!

However, generally speaking, most WordPress themes nowadays offer a drag and drop visual composer that does not really do justice to the term “pre-made”. At best, you are given a blank canvas wherein you can setup your design without having to deal with code. You still have to do the design work and as such, spend countless hours working with it.

Be Theme, on the other hand, gives you multiple pre-made layouts for virtually every genre of web design project, so you can just pick the one that suits your needs, and replace its existing content with one that you need, and you are all ready to get going!

How Does it Work?

Alright, it is time to see Be Theme in action.

First up, after uploading and activating your theme, you just get straight to business. Life is too short to spend on tweaking and getting themes to work; instead, a good WordPress theme saves your time by giving you hundreds of pre-defined layouts and features that work right out of the box, and this is exactly what Be Theme does.

Be Theme works via the Muffin Page Builder and the Muffin Options panel. Need to add a logo and tweak the slider? How about some new sidebars, menu and action bars? All you have to do is turn to the visual interface of the Be Theme!


Other than that, Be Theme offers custom post types for Clients, Offer, Portfolio, Slides, Testimonials, Templates and Layouts.


Alright, so Be Theme comes with awesome ready-made layouts that you can just use as per your requirements. But how do you edit the layouts and get them to work for your web site?

Pretty easy, and I will let their official video guide do the talking:

Stuck anywhere? Got a problem? Be Theme is backed by A+ grade support, and as a premium user, you get access to their documentation, video tutorials, as well as priority support for any issues that you might need help with.


Be Theme is what you will use if you value your time and efforts. Simply put, using a pre-made layout and getting it to work for the needs of your project is as easy as website creation with WordPress can ever get.

Nowadays, the majority of clients tend to have a limited budget for their website. In fact, for whatever the purpose of the site be, budgets tend to vary, and as such, spending a lot of your time coding and building everything from the ground up makes very little sense.

This is where Be Theme is awesome: all you got to do is customize the ready-made layouts, fit the theme to suit the needs of your big or small web projects, and save your time. Thereafter, just get the design live and invoice your clients!

What do you think of Be Theme? Better yet, have you given it a try yet? Share your views in the comments below!

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