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Aspiration — The Best Checking Account in America

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The Aspiration Summit Checking Account is an online-only bank account with no fees, no minimum balance and no minimum monthly deposit requirements. Money magazine recently named it the ‘Best Checking Account in America’.

The Summit Account yields up to 1.00% interest, which is 100 times more than what the Big Banks offer!

It’s the perfect checking account for saving extra money and traveling. You’ll receive a debit card that gives you free access to any ATM in the world, with unlimited ATM fee reimbursements. This makes it more accessible than a typical savings account, and the high yield makes it far more lucrative.

How does the company generate revenue if the services are free? Aspiration incorporates a “pay what is fair” model. You choose your price and pay a “tip.” When you create an account, you’ll be prompted to choose your tip — a monthly recurring payment up to $6 per month — and you can choose as little as $0.


On top of that, the company’s commitment to “do well and do good” means it donates 10% of its revenue to charity.

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