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Are You a Creative? Then Uncode WordPress Theme Was Made for You

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It happens to nearly every creative designer at one time or another. Sometimes you find yourself spending too much time trying to please your clients. Consequently, you might neglect to put and keep your own house in order. Also, you might end up having almost no time to build or finalize a portfolio.

But how can you find the time to do everything in time? Are you dreaming of not missing deadlines and not neglecting your other priorities?

All it really takes is the right tool! You need one tool that will enable you to showcase your work. There is no need for time-consuming development activities.

Fortunately, the “right” tool is within easy reach.

The Tool in Question? Uncode

With Uncode, you won’t be wasting time and effort to create a portfolio that’s just a notch above (or below) average. Uncode is a pixel-perfect WordPress theme that provides exactly the capabilities you need.

It enables you to build an attention-getting, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it portfolio. Moreover, it does so in short order. Uncode appeals to artists, bloggers, web designers, and other creative types.

This theme, which has always been user-friendly, is now even easier to use. The team of developers has put the effort into creating the latest release, Uncode 1.6.

We’ll look at some of the new features, and revisit some of the time-tested ones as well.

Uncode’s Exciting New Features

Uncode is a marketing agency that develops strategies, products, and services, and specializes in creativity. When the Uncode team was working on version 1.6, they looked beyond providing customers with a more productive way to satisfy their clients. They also wanted to make it easier those same customers, creative professionals like yourself, to showcase their own work.

With Uncode 1.6, you’ll find it much easier to satisfy your clients, and help yourself at the same time.

So, what is Version 1.6 all about?

WooCommerce Features

The Uncode team made it a point to ensure their theme was compatible with WooCommerce 3.1, even though the theme has always been WooCommerce compatible. You won’t have any problems with the 3.1 plugin.

Several product page custom design options were added, including a product carousel, stack layer modes, a custom-width layout control and a product zoom capability.

And, Still More New Design Options

Shadow and border radius controls, and several off-grid options are among the new layout management options incorporated in Version 1.6. These options significantly expand your layout design possibilities.

The new Post Module Lateral Thumbnail options will appeal to product marketers and photographers, as they make creating some truly unique portfolio layouts doable. Bloggers will also like these options for the different and unusual blog styles they can create.

A problem with mobile device displays has been remedied with the new Centered Mobile Menu option. It can be used to mimic mobile device overlay styles, and permit portfolios, blogs, or product pages to render correctly on mobile devices.

Another new feature, “By Matrix” ensures that when variations in the Single Block Tab are selected, they apply to the grid, and not to specific design elements. Thus, when you add a new element, the existing elements will automatically shift to accommodate that element; thereby avoiding distorting the layout.

For professional photographer’s websites, the Uncode team added the Flickr- and Google Images-inspired Justify Gallery layout.

They also added the Fluid Metro layout to resolve a problem many users had in attempting to work with a grid that did not always perfectly fit their screen.

Encode also added more buttons. You’ll find everything from the usual, “classic” buttons, to transparent “Ghost” buttons, to flat buttons, and those difficult to classify because of their different shapes and sizes.

Several new drop-down menu options that have been incorporated, successfully addressing control problems associated with Encode’s mega menu and shadow drop-down options. These new options even allow you to add animation to drop down features.

Time-Tested Features from Earlier Releases

Although they expected users to be thrilled with the features added in Version 1.6, the Uncode team was careful not to downgrade or delete any of the old, time-tested features. When you consider that these “old” features played a role in converting more than 24,000 clever ideas into reality, you don’t just throw them out. You keep them as they are; or enhance them.

For example, the Uncode team made changes how WordPress and Visual Composer are used with their theme to better meet user’s needs. As a result, you can accomplish much more with either, or both.

The team also retained the popular Content Blocks feature, which makes it easier to organize content, and allows inserting video segments into a website.

Uncode’s impressive array of customizable templates has been expanded. It’s now easier than ever to find a template that matches a client’s wants and needs, or can easily be customized to do so. The option to create a template from scratch has been retained.

The 6+ Menu Style options are still offered. These simple and intuitive styles ensure that users won’t experience problems navigating to where they want to go.

The Adaptive Images feature, an Uncode success story, has naturally been retained. Adaptive Images detects the screen size and shape on which your website is to be displayed, and ensures it will render correctly.

The Uncode team didn’t mess with the always cool, and highly popular Portfolio and Blog layouts. These layouts have always been fun to experiment with, and that hasn’t changed. As you try them out, you’re likely to come up with some great ideas of your own.

What Is It That Makes Uncode the Perfect Theme for Creatives?

  • The Uncode team had the wants and needs of creative professionals in mind from the get-go. They created Uncode’s design and development activities on that basis;
  • Visual Composer was tailored with creatives in mind. You can build any layout you wish without any need for handwritten code;
  • Uncode’s many design options encourage creativity, which is a great advantage. A lesser number of options would tend to place restrictions or limitations on it;
  • Creatives have come to love Uncode’s distinctive portfolio and blog options;
  • The centered mobile menu feature allows you to showcase your work on mobile devices;
  • The customer’s showcase has proven to be a time-saver, as well as a source of inspiration.

In Summary

With its numerous exceptional features, Uncode helps its user base in two ways:

  1. It helps in the building of award-winning websites;
  2. It helps creatives design attention-getting portfolios to showcase their creative activities.

Everything you need is there for you to use! You can use Uncode for a blog, an eCommerce website, or your personal portfolio.

You no longer have to worry about whether you’ll have the time to take care of your own needs. This time-saving, pixel-perfect theme has everything need to take care of your clients.

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