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Apply to 4,000+ Companies with One Application

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On Hired the traditional process of finding a job is completely reversed; instead of applying to companies (which often feels like throwing your resume into a black hole), companies pro-actively apply to you with interview requests. From there, the power is 100% in your hands to decide if you’re interested in moving forward.

Hired expedites the job search process through an efficient system of:

1. Companies competing for top talent with visibility into a candidate’s traction on Hired, driving rapid turnaround times from interview to final offer.
2. Free personalized support on your job hunt. On Hired our Talent Advocates have your back, whether it’s negotiating compensation or preparing for interviews, they function as a pillar of unbiased support to ultimately help you land the dream job you’ve been waiting for.
3. Upfront salary, equity and bonus details in every interview request received on the platform.

Over 4,000 top companies and startups use Hired to find their next team member, and with transparency into each company, you’re empowered to make the right decision about what opportunities you’d like to pursue. Say goodbye to pushy recruiters trying to sell you on roles you don’t actually want. Life’s too short to waste time with companies that are a bad fit, or to find out after months of interviewing that the offer is no good. Try Hired and leap into the 21st century job hunt experience.

The best part: It’s always free for you to find your next job on Hired. No exceptions.


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