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An Event Apart Seattle – April 3-5, 2017

An Event Apart Seattle is coming up! Less than a month away. If you’ve been trying to decide, now is the time to pull the trigger before it sells out. I’ll be there doing three official things. One, I’ll be speaking. Two, I’ll be giving a workshop on the last day. Three, I’ll be on a discussion panel talking about staying on top of this field.

The workshop on the final day is called A Day Apart, and you buy tickets for the conference and the workshop separately or as a package deal.

If you’d be just visiting Seattle, that’s perfect, as the event is perfectly situated to enjoy a lot of the best of Seattle.

The lineup is excellent.

Speaker Lineup
  • Sarah Parmenter: Practical Branding
  • Krystal Higgins: Onboarding for Any Situation
  • Luke Wroblewski: Obvious Always Wins
  • Val Head: Motion In Design Systems: Animation, Style Guides, and the Design Process
  • Ethan Marcotte: Design Beyond Our Devices
  • Jeremy Keith: Evaluating Technology
  • Rachel Andrew: New CSS Layout Meets the Real World
  • Jen Simmons: Designing with Grid
  • Eric Meyer: Design for Real Life
  • Una Kravets: The Joy of Optimizing
  • Chris Coyier: 10 Things You Can and Should Do With SVG

After the first day, there is an opening night happy hour with provided snacks and beverages. That goes right into an evening panel discussion Val Head, Jeffrey Zeldman, and I will be having a chat on how to stay on top of your field and be a lifelong learner.

Speaking of staying on top of your field, that will be a nice segway into my workshop on the final day. Speaking of which, this is what I’m calling it:

Tall order, hey? I think we can get through it though, together. There is a lot to talk about.

We’re going to start with a design, but also talk about the process and journey of building websites from idea to design to development through deployment. We’ll talk about a lot of the tools along the way.

We’re going to look at a lot of code. That’s the job. Front-end developers spending a lot of time looking at and writing code. As we’ve covered many times on this site, there are often lots of different ways to do similar things in front-end development, we’re going to spend time exploring those situations because that’s all part of the job.

There is going to be lots of these things:

And some of these:

And some of these:

And why not a few of these:

I’m excited for all this. I really enjoy front end development, as I suspect a lot of you do, so I look forward to some pretty epic nerding out about all-things-that with whomever of you can make it.

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