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A WordPress Website Ready in 4 hours. Bold claim?

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You’ve seen this claim many times.

WordPress Themes and website builders that promise you “websites in seconds”, “websites created by Artificial Intelligence”, and so on.

You just put your feet on the table and Bam! The website is done.

It’s like in those miraculous belt ads that claim to transform your belly into a six pack. Almost right away, and without any effort.

If it seems too good to be true, then it most likely is too good to be true.

Creating a typical website for small businesses in seconds is impossible.

Yet creating a typical website for small businesses in four hours is possible.

Ask any Be Theme user.

But like in any other amazing feat, it’s the work done behind the curtains that counts as much as the product you work with.

To create a WordPress website in four hours, you need a WordPress Theme with bundled pre-built websites – like Be.

But that’s not enough.

Just as it’s not enough to have a belt, and expect a six pack. The least you could do is stop eating those burgers and fries.

What do you need to do to finish a website in 4 hours?

Be Theme created a video and a time sheet here.

Be Theme

Also, check out these tips from their community:

1. Set the ground rules with your client

Make sure that the client has properly filled out the brief you sent them. And make sure they understand that they cannot make any changes to the brief once they send it back to you. This will avoid a lot of back and forth emails. And believe me, these can take more time than the actual work.

2. Establish clear deadlines for your work and the client’s feedback

You need to educate your client. Telling him from the start that his feedback is expected constantly every few days; every few weeks might not be enough.

Yet setting a clear deadline for his comments, and letting him know that you won’t make any changes to the website if he responds after the deadline, should make him act.

3. Don’t start without all the content and information at hand

One of the most important things when starting a website is content – the images, the copy, and the videos. You need to have them all in an organized folder before starting the actual work on the website.

4. Prioritize all the tasks

What are the steps required to build the website?

Work on the structure of the website first. Then get to each page and add the content (text, images, icons, logos, etc.). After these are all finished, start fine-tuning the details.

5. Use a pre-built website

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