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A Poll About Pattern Libraries and Hiring

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I was asked (by this fella on Twitter) a question about design patterns. It has an interesting twist though, related to hiring, which I hope makes for a good poll.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

I’ll let this run for a week or two. Then (probably) instead of writing a new post with the results, I’ll update this one with the results. Feel free to comment with the reasoning for your vote.


At the time of this update (September 2017), the poll has been up for about 6 weeks.

61% of folks said they would be more likely to want a job somewhere that were actively using (or working toward) a pattern library.

That’s a strong number I’d say! Especially when 32% of folks responded that they don’t care. So for 93% of folks, they either are incentivized to work for you because of a pattern library or don’t mind. So is a pattern library good not only for your codebase and business, for attracting talent as well.

Only 7% of folks would be less likely to want to work there. Presumably, that’s either because they enjoy that kind of work and it’s already done, or find it limiting.

Read the comments below for some interesting further thoughts.

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