A Beginner Splurge in Node.js

It’s 3 a.m., hands over the keyboard while staring at an empty console. The bright prompt over a dark backdrop ready, yearning to take in commands. Want to hack up Node.js for a little while? One of the exciting news about Node.js is that it runs anywhere. This opens up the stack to various ways to experiment with it. For any seasoned veteran, this is a fun run of the command line tooling. What I like the most is that we can survey the stack from within the safety net of the command line. The cool thing is that we are still talking about JavaScript, hence most of you should not have any problem. So, why not fire up node up in the console?

In this article, I’ll introduce you to Node.js. My goal is to go over the main highlights while hiking up some pretty high ground. This is an intermediate overview of the stack while keeping it all inside the console. If you want a beginner-friendly guide about Node.js, I suggest you to watch the SitePoint premium’s course Node.js: An Introduction.

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