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50+ Hand-crafted Business Cards for Your Inspiration

To many people’s surprise the trend of business cards is only gaining popularity. In the digital age we are in you would have thought that the value of business cards would decrease. But we have quickly learned that human beings place a high amount of value on personal touch, and rather see you hand them a beautiful business card than rely on the information in your email signature. It is hard to transform an email signature into an extension of who you are as a person or the company you represent. A business card, however, can do that. It can say a substantial amount about these things. If you hand a potential client a business card with gold foil. Well, that client knows you mean business.

The Trend of Business Cards is More Popular then Ever.

It is music to any designer’s ears when they are told by a client that money is really no objection. Sadly, this sort of thing doesn’t happen with great frequency, and designers are forced to transform less than ideal elements into a good design. The question that needs to be asked is, ‘what if instead of giving a designer less than ideal elements you allowed them the full use of their arsenal?’ It might be uncomfortable for a client to give this sort of power to anyone besides yourself, but that power in the right hands can yield incredible results. We all want to work outside restriction, just like a child wants to draw outside the lines. We want to be creative and we want to create something no one else has seen before.


Highest on the business card trend list is Letterpress Printing. pushes this traditional printing method, one of the oldest and most appreciable forms of relief printing, creating new and exciting results. By choosing letterpress you choose a detailed and thorough service that makes your product special. This intricate process involves creating a custom metal cast of your design that presses the ink into the card stock producing powerful results. The crisp impression this process leaves in the paper transforms your business card into one your clients will remember.


Extravagant business cards are also gaining popularity. Methods like 3d embossing are costing people up to $15 per card making this one of the most expensive business card processes around. 3d embossing makes elements of your design literally stand out, raising areas of one side of a card making for  a very unique design. The process can be combined with letterpress and foil printing to make some of the world’s best business cards.


Third on the trend list is wooden business cards. If you like a more natural look you will love wood products such as those produced by Jukebox Print. Their 100% biodegradable wood will take your design to the next level with its unique, rustic charm. You can also consider specialty add-ons like rounded corners, custom shapes, foiling or embossing to really take your design up a notch.


Jukebox is a company that is gaining a lot of attention creating the most unique business cards, and it’s great to see that they like to push the boundaries in their industry. Jukebox embraces the challenge of continually trying to do things no one has seen before. Human creativity, just like the human body, is constantly surpassing itself and raising the bar to new heights and creating unique things never before seen. Business cards are no different, and with where the technology is today, the capability to wow someone with a business card still exists, and exists like never before.

To give you an impression of what we are talking about, we have curated a list of extraordinary products that are not only mockups but have been created for real projects. All the examples have been contributed by Jukebox Print. Have fun!

50+ Hand-crafted Business Cards for Your Inspiration

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