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50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes for 2017

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WordPress themes can run the gamut from niche uses to all-purpose. They can also vary considerably in both quality and price. Note that, just because you’ve paid for a theme that doesn’t guarantee quality.

While there is no shortage of premium themes available for purchase, the quality of free WordPress themes can sometimes exceed the expectations that you would have for something that can be downloaded and used for free.

We’ve collected some of the best free WordPress themes for building your site in 2017. The themes have all been developed to the highest of standards by some of the top names in the WordPress community, all are responsive, so will adapt to any screen size, and all have been designed with latest design trends in mind.

Not a professional designer/developer? Not to worry. Some of the themes below feature page builders, allowing you to create complex, feature-rich layouts with no coding necessary. Likewise, there are themes aimed at professionals looking for a basic starting point in their site development. There is something here for just about every need and skill level.

To make things easier, we’ve categorized the themes for you. There are themes for Writers & Storytellers, Photographers, Creative Portfolios, Businesses & Corporate Sites, Ecommerce & Shopping, Bloggers, Magazine Layouts, Masonry Layouts and Landing Pages.

Themes for Writers & Storytellers


Built to let your words stand out, Libre is a theme that specializes in long-form writing.

Libre free Long-Form Writing Blog wordpress theme


Saga helps authors emphasize their writing and photography in beautiful ways. Mobile navigation is built right in.

Saga theme beautiful typography storytellers


Longform lets you tell your story in unique ways with the ability to publish posts in chapters, timelines and other attractive formats.

Longform telling great stories


Qwerty is a WordPress theme that doesn’t come with many frills or dependencies. It’s built for speed and putting your content front and center.

Qwerty minimal longform writing theme


Editor features beautiful typography and a uniquely functional tabbed sidebar. The tabbed sidebar content allows you to go well beyond the standard collection of widgets.

Editor typography wordpress theme writers bloggers


Radcliffe is a simple, yet lovely theme featuring large, full-width images and stand-out headlines.

Radcliffe wordpress image heavy theme writers blog content first

If you’re looking for even more themes for writers, we have also published this collection: Free WordPress Themes For Writers & Bloggers.

Themes for Photographers


Pho brings a masonry-styled layout to feature your photography. There are also several font choices included to help your words make an impact.

Pho wordpress free minimalist gallery masonry theme designers photographers

Tography Lite

Tography uses CSS animations to add an interactive feel your photo blog. The included filterable portfolio lets users quickly view the various categories of your work.

Tography Lite wordpress minimal free photography theme


Fullscreen is a one-column theme that features a unique, side-scrolling home page with a clickable gallery.

One column photography new responsive free WordPress themes Fullscreen


Like the layout of Pinterest? Gridsby offers a similar grid layout that opens your photos up into an opaque window.

Gridsby Pinterest free photo blogging wordpress theme creatives


Tracks is a “bold and beautiful” theme that really gives each post its own moment in the sun. Large photos and bold typography make for an attractive, yet uncluttered feel.

Tracks bold theme free wordpress photographers bloggers


Isola is created by the folks at Automattic, so you know this clean theme will both look great and use WordPress best practices.

Isola clean theme wordpress free writing photographs videos boldly


Also from Automattic, Espied is a responsive, grid-style theme that provides great visuals of your work.

Espied grid-styled portfolio wordpress theme designers photographers

Themes for Building a Creative Portfolio


Daily comes with a full screen intro panel and a very clean, well-spaced interface.

Daily wordpress minimal portfolio blogger theme


Illustratr features bold typography and a grid-style portfolio layout. There’s also an expandable footer area.

Illustratr wordpress free super minimalist portfolio theme


StanleyWP is a WordPress theme based on Twitter Bootstrap that features a drag-and-drop home page builder. A very simple and clean layout.

StanleyWP flat theme free wordpress designer work simple beautiful


Proper exudes class with its simple layout and use of CSS animations/transitions.

Proper wordpress theme creatives css animation


Gridby is a lovely Bootstrap theme that places your portfolio in a stunning grid display. There’s also an equally exciting storytelling layout that adds in bold typography.

Gridby free wordpress Bootstrap WP theme creatives portfolio

Beetle Go

Beetle Go is aimed at those who want a clean, attractive way to display their portfolio. It features parallax scrolling, lots of built-in icons and several interesting layouts.

Beetle Go Free WordPress Theme for Creatives


Sketch is a very clean and minimal portfolio theme that lets your images do the talking.

Sketch free wordpress spacious minimal portfolio theme


Pure includes lots of great layouts and built in features like pricing tables, tabbed content viewers, buttons, icons to bring your portfolio to life.

Pure simple wordpress free playful theme creative professionals

Themes for Business & Corporate Sites


Primer is a clean and spacious WordPress theme that’s perfect for small businesses.

wordpress free theme primer business clean spacious


Sydney brings bold imagery, built-in features like a slider, animated charts, filterable portfolios and a stunning layout to promote your business.

Sydney powerful business theme companies freelancers free wordpress


Using a drag-and-drop page builder, Make provides a number of gorgeous layouts. It’s great for online stores as it is compatible with both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Make powerful open-source drag drop page builder multi-purpose theme business wordpress


BLDR features a page builder and enough goodies packed in to create just about any type of website. Special page templates are included for testimonials, service lists and projects.

BLDR multi-purpose WordPress free theme page builder


Zeal is a stylish multi-purpose theme that can be used to build any type of site quickly.

Zeal stylish multi-purpose wordpress theme


Materialab is a Material Design-inspired WordPress theme, for businesses and bloggers.


If you’re looking for more free themes businesses, you should checkout this collection: Free WordPress Themes for Small Businesses.

WordPress Themes for Ecommerce & Shopping

Ocin Minimal WooCommerce Theme

Ocin is a gorgeous WooCommerce theme for anyone looking to give their online store a clean and minimal appearance.

ocin woocommerce wordpress theme store free minimal clean


Mystile is a free WooCommerce theme that is a bit of a blank canvas. It can be a great starting point for creating a beautiful and functional store.

Mystile clean fast speedy bare-bones ecommerce free wordpress WooCommerce theme


Hype works with the Shopify Ecommerce platform and allows you to combine it with the power of WordPress.

Hype Free eCommerce Theme WordPress shopify


Store brings a clean interface and intuitive design to help you sell with WooCommerce.

Store clean easy WordPress setup WooCommerce theme

If you’re looking for the most current WordPress ecommerce plugins and resources, you should take a look at this post: WordPress Plugins for Adding Ecommerce to Your Site.

Themes for Bloggers


Windmill is a free WordPress blogging theme with the bonus of being compatible with WooCommerce.

wordpress free theme windmill blog woocommerce typography


Bravado Theme is a minimally designed WordPress theme for personal blogging.

wordpress free theme personal blog minimal


Hew includes a nice splash of color and an expandable header that opens up to navigation and other available widgets.

Hew clean personal blog theme free wordpress


Eighties is a single-column blogging theme. There is a sidebar, but it is only available by clicking an icon, which opens it up into a nice overlay window.

Eighties simple single column theme contentfree wordpress


Intergalactic uses large photos along with bold typography in order to create a slick look while also being highly readable.

Intergalactic single-column theme distraction free environment reading content wordpress free


Nulis was built as a single-column blogging theme that makes great use of whitespace and featured images for you posts.

Nulis minimal free wordpress single-column theme personal blogging


Casper, inspired by the Ghost blogging platform, is a super-minimal WordPress theme that ensures your content is front and center.

Casper port Ghost super-minimal Casper theme free WordPress


Allure is a very modern WordPress theme for fashion bloggers. That said, it could also be a good choice for photography or travel blogs as well.

Allure wordpress theme free wordpress specifically built fashion bloggers photographers


Gateway features an elegant look with an array of useful shortcodes through use of a separate plugin.

Gateway wordpress classy theme customizable home content free


Receptar is inspired by modern cookbooks and takes advantage of a tantalizing split-screen look on individual blog posts. The navigation is especially delicious.

Receptar free theme split-screen book typography design inspired modern cook books


Rams is simple and stylish. The theme is compatible with many JetPack features like infinite scroll and tiled photo galleries.

Rams clean minimalist theme wordpress free style bloggers


Vito sports a very simple layout along with some CSS animation to add a touch of class.

Vito clean spacious theme bloggers wordpress free


Lingonberry uses WordPress post formats to create an attractive way for different types of content to stand out.

Blogging Lingonberry post formats responsive free WordPress themes


Yuuta will feature your posts as a “visual diary”. You can even add a background image to each post.

Yuuta free WordPress theme designed visual diary


Hoffman is a great theme for showing off your photos. There is a nice slider feature for individual posts.

Hoffman stylish minimal WordPress theme free bloggers


Moments is a modern-looking theme that makes great use of colorful accents. It’s just the right mix of style.

Moments free wordpress clean blogging theme with bold typography

Themes for Magazine Layouts

Good Magazine

Good Magazine is a clean and responsive WordPress theme that’s perfect for any content-rich publication.

Good Magazine free wordpress theme


Have a lot of content to feature? Bloggr is a magazine-style theme that makes good use of columns to help you feature multiple articles.

Bloggr wordpress free content focused theme bloggers magazine layouts


Semicolon uses a simple grid-layout of posts that lets you display lots of content without overwhelming your visitors.

Semicolon free simple clean magazine theme WordPress


JustWrite displays content in a way reminiscent of some of the top news sites. It’s advertising-friendly, as well.

Acosmin feature-rich clean magazine free wordpress theme

Themes for Masonry & Tumblog Layouts


Fukasawa is a masonry theme that is great for displaying photos or perhaps even Pinterest-like news and resources.

Fukasawa free wordpress minimal masonry blog theme for photographers


Crates is a “tumblog” theme that uses a grid system. There’s also an optional 2 column blog layout to make an extra impact.

Tumblog style new responsive free WordPress themes Crates


Nova uses masonry to get your content seen in an elegant way. It’s also WooCommerce friendly.

freebies designers web Nova WordPress Theme Tumblog-style


Great for showing off your artwork, Pieces can help you create a lovely collection of content.

Grid-based blogging portfolio new free responsive WordPress themes Pieces

Themes for Landing Pages


LandingSumoWP20 takes advantage of a drag-and-drop page builder to let you quickly create a stunning landing page.

LandingSumoWP20 fantastic features drag and drop layout manager builder wordpress free landing page setup

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