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5 Ways Freelancers Can Increase Productivity with Pre-Built Websites

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As a freelance web designer, you no doubt enjoy working to your own schedules. And not having to commute to work, or a boss that likes micromanaging are also good perks.

You work hard to improve your skills, and to keep up with the latest trends. As a result, you have little difficulty in finding clients and good, well-paying assignments.

It’s not uncommon for freelancers to take on so much work that, as far as their ability to deliver high-quality work on time, time after time, the wheels start to come off. If you’ve fallen into the trap of working longer hours, but you are still missing deadlines, and even losing a client or two on occasion, read on.

There are ways to quickly resolve your situation.


There’s only one person capable of improving your productivity; that person is you.

To find the solution, you must pinpoint the problems and understand their causes:

  • Wasting hours installing WordPress themes? Solution: use a better tool; working with this popular theme takes only minutes.
  • Wasting time working with difficult clients? Solution: There are plenty of easy to work with clients out there.
  • Not prioritizing tasks? Solution: Brush up on your time management skills.

These problems can stem from a common cause – your mindset. You may have nurtured a habit of forcing your way through difficult situations, rather than working to avoid them. Turning things around is not hard to do; the solutions are there.

These tips will help you turn things around – and quickly.

5 Ways Pre-Built Websites Will Boost Up Your Productivity

Pre-Built Websites are easy to work with, and they save you a ton of time. Since quality is already built into them, any value you add during your design work is just so much the better.

  • They present you with a meaningful concept to work from. Pick one you like, and start customizing.


What you can do with this pre-built website is up to your imagination.

  • It takes time to build wireframes and mockups. Pre-built websites let you build prototypes to show your clients in hardly any time at all, and you can practically modify them on the fly. This also saves your clients time.
  • You don’t need to brush up on your coding. In fact, there’s no coding involved. Why spend hours modifying a header, when a few clicks will do the trick?
  • Does your client want to make a change? That often involves additional expense and hours of work. With this WP theme, and these pre-built websites, you can accomplish most changes in minutes.

1. Where to Begin? Let a Pre-Built Website Show You the Way

Knowing what your client wants is one thing. Finding a theme you can work with to make that happen is something else. It may involve sifting through different themes and different products before you can find something suitable start from. With Be’s 230+ pre-built websites to select from, you’ll find the right starting point in minutes.


The e-book pre-built website. One of Be Theme’s 230+ beautiful ones.

You can zero in on a single niche or category and quickly find what you want, or you could spend a few minutes more looking at several categories, draw up a short list, and make an even better selection. There’s no rule that says the name attached to a pre-built website means you can only restrict its use to a limited number of purposes.

You can use any pre-built website for any purpose you want. It’s the concept that’s important. They are there for your inspiration. Find one you like, and go with it.

You can always put together a quick prototype to show your client the direction you’re heading in. Most clients will appreciate that, and they’ll be absolutely delighted by how little time it takes for you to do so.

2. Installing a Pre-Built Website Takes Only a Couple of Minutes

This can be important if your client suddenly comes up with a new idea or wrinkle, of feels a major modification is necessary. Installing a different pre-built website and starting again from scratch, if that’s what you need to do, will naturally take time, but we’re talking minutes, or maybe a few hours, and not days or a week; even if the project is well along.

3. Make a Plan – and Work to That Plan

Flying by the seat of your pants sometimes works, but it’s not a good habit to get into. Even a roughed-out flowchart will help keep you on track. Your productivity won’t be taking a hit because you’re wasting time trying to figure out what to do next.


Be Xmas2 is an gorgeous festive pre-built website

Installing a pre-built website is practically a no-brainer. Customizing one, using Be’s Muffin Builder 3 or Visual Composer,is also easy. You can in fact, put together a pretty awesome page in a matter of minutes.

4. Fine-Tune Your Site Using Shortcodes

Just as you’ll love working with pre-built websites, you’ll also get a kick out of working with shortcodes. You don’t need to understand coding to add small details, features, or functionality to a page. If you do have developer’s blood flowing through your veins, and have an occasional desire to code, you can always edit a shortcode.

5. Present Your Client With an SEO-Ready Website

The Be team has taken care of that for you. An SEO plugin is part of the package, and every pre-built website is fully compatible with the plugin.

A Few Takeaway Ideas


When you’re working harder, but not accomplishing very much more,or you’re simply treading water. It’s time to consider what the causes might be. Once you’ve done that, finding a solution could be easier than you think.

  • One of the causes might be cumbersome or inefficient web design tools.
  • It may be a client that’s taking up more of your time is necessary.
  • Or, you might need to prioritize you tasks and manage your time better.

As far as saving time is concerned, Be Theme’s pre-built websites will save you a ton of it. Your clients will love it when you not only meet deadlines, but provide useful prototypes, and make changes without busting their budget.


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