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5 Reasons Why Meteor Is Ideal for Startups

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Picking the right tech stack is among the most challenging tasks for new startups. I took the picture below at a hackathon recently. It appropriately displays the multitude of languages and frameworks available for web development today.



Let’s evaluate your topmost goals and your toughest challenges as a startup. Time is critical. More likely than not, you would start with a limited reserve of cash, and your topmost goal would be to put out a minimum viable product in the least amount of time. From experience, I’ll tell you that your toughest challenge would be to find the right people, and build the right team. Motivating smart people to come and work for you, when you do not have a brand name and cannot pay top dollar, is exceptionally difficult.

Meteor is a full-stack web application framework, and in my opinion, has come up as a cure-all technology solution for startups. Below, I’ve identified the top five reasons why the Meteor framework is an ideal fit for new startups:

1. Get Started in Literally Two Hours!

It’s true. Anyone with elementary knowledge of programming can follow the instructions on Meteor’s “Getting Started” tutorial, and then jump right into coding. I am convinced that making it ‘simple to get started’ was one of the top goals of the originators of Meteor, and they have definitely aced at this. The code-flow is easy to understand, and the tech stack is intuitively structured to allow for a quick ramp-up. Compare this with an old-school web application, where a developer would need to understand PHP and a front-end framework, let’s say AngularJS, along with setting up the entire tech stack, and managing the interactions between the front-end and back-end. For a new product, and a new team, writing a ‘Hello World’ full stack app itself might consume an entire week.

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