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30 Free and Premium Shopify Themes for Various Purposes

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We always try to keep you updated on new free and premium eCommerce themes that can save loads of your time and energy on web development. When choosing the best eCommerce platform for their online stores, many retailers opt for Shopify due to its extensive functionality and a powerful community of web developers and designers who stand behind it, and keep on releasing new Shopify themes, modules and smart add-ons in order to help you build a competitive web resource.

In our new compilation today we will focus your attention on the latest premium Shopify themes and free Shopify themes. All designed according to the latest web design trends, these will help you create your own online store or a cool eCommerce site for your clients. Let’s start with the premium solutions.

20 Premium Shopify Themes

1. Handbag Boutique

1-Handbag-Boutique Shopify theme

Demo | More info
This feature-rich and visually impressive theme is one of the best premium Shopify themes released by TemplateMonster. Boasting an easy-to-follow and well-balanced layout, the theme invites your visitors to start making purchases right from the main page. Parallax scrolling effect, that was integrated into the theme’s header and background images, lets your web audience become immersed in the atmosphere of your business. Thanks to the spacious layout of the theme, you are free to place as many products on one page as you wish. For faster decision making, the store’s offerings have been enhanced with sale/new product badges, quick view functionality, retina ready logo, elevate zoom, and more handy features.
2. Apparel

2. Apparel Shopify theme

Demo | More info
This premium Shopify theme was designed to suit fashion and beauty online stores. Featuring a newsletter pop-up form, a pre-designed contact form, live search and integrated Google maps, the theme was built with the intention of establishing a close contact with your audience. Clean style brings more focus to the store’s offerings. The latter, by the way, have been organized in a grid-based view. Each item is supplied with a functional hover effect, which reveals color variations, each item from a different point of view, etc. on the mouse-over. This fully responsive Shopify theme is integrated with social media and features a sticky MegaMenu in the header.

3. Zhigan

3. Zhigan Shopify theme

Demo | More info
Here is a stylish Shopify theme for men’s clothing stores. Its dark color scheme brings more elegance to the theme’s layout. Built with valid, semantic code, the theme features neat animation, which allows you to enhance the visual appeal of your eCommerce site just the way you wish. When you click the theme’s live demo you will see cool hover effects with which icons, banners and images have been enhanced. The main navigation panel has been minimized and presented by means of a hamburger icon, which remains fixed to the top of the page as a user browses your site. Links to Site map, About and Contact pages have also been placed in a fixed position in the theme’s left sidebar.

4. Brilliance

4. Brilliance Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The black and white style of this Shopify fashion theme lures the viewer with its refined, classy look. The content on the main page has been organized in a non-standard manner. Retina ready images and texts contribute to perfect harmony on the page. In order to enhance hierarchy, different content blocks have been enumerated and highlighted by means of colored backgrounds. Ghost buttons match the refined visual aesthetics of the theme perfectly, inviting the web audience to click and discover more.
The theme was built with valid, semantic code. Multilingual, it will make your site appealing to international audiences. If you wish, you can change the theme’s color palette by means of a color switcher tool. The theme includes all the basic eCommerce and blog pages, which are ready to go live.

5. ToolsStore

5-ToolsStore Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The theme was developed with usability in mind. Its layout is simple and easy to navigate. Its minimalist style with the clever use of white space makes the theme look so spacious and well balanced. MegaMenu remains fixed to the top of the page, as well as integrated live search. For the users’ convenience, all store products are organized in a grid-based view. Hover effect, product badges, several CTAs, and clear pricing details are provided on the preview pages. A newsletter subscription form appears in the form of a pop-up message as a user reaches your site. It is also duplicated at the theme’s footer, right below the integrated Google maps.

6. True T-shirts

6-true-tshirts Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The clean and minimalist style of this theme is focused on the effective presentation of fashion or beauty shop offerings. In addition to a set of pre-designed eCommerce pages, the theme also features blog integration, which allows you to keep the audience informed on the latest industry trends. There is also a newsletter subscription form available for the purpose. The theme comes with multi-language support, so you will be able to reach international customers. Powered by Bootstrap, this Shopify fashion theme will make your content fully adjustable to any screen size that your visitors use.

7. Ambiance

7-ambiance Shopify theme

Demo | More info
This premium Shopify theme could be a perfect option for interior and exterior design as well as online furniture stores. A full width slider in its header lets you showcase your special offerings in the most favorable light. By default, the products on the theme’s front page were organized in a grid-based view, however you can tweak it the way you wish by adding, rearranging or removing certain elements. This multi-lingual theme is fully responsive as well, so you shouldn’t worry about creating a separate mobile version of your web store.

8. JS Apparel

8-js-apparel Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The classic black-and-white color scheme of this Shopify apparel theme makes it appealing to the true fashionistas. Modular structure of the theme’s layout makes it both trendy and functional. All the basic navigation elements of the theme have been organized in a sticky position in the left sidebar. Login, checkout and newsletter subscription forms are also placed there. The theme is fully integrated with social media and allows the users to spread the word about their preferred items to followers with just a click.

9. W Apparel

9-w-apparel Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The theme uses large, retina ready visuals, which are intended to help you entice the users into product areas on your eCommerce site. Sliders, banners with the hover effect, a carousel slider of featured products, the latest blog highlights, and more smart elements have been organized in a captivating yet easy-to-browse manner on the theme’s front page. A sticky MegaMenu in the header and fixed shopping cart, live search, currency options, and personal account are all organized in a fixed sidebar.
10. Coffee House

10-coffee-house Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The brownish layout of this premium Shopify theme is an ideal fit for coffee shops, breweries, bakeries, and other food and drink related web stores. Neat ghost elements create a perfect harmony with a large hero image, bold banners and bold visuals of the theme. Plenty of white space and an amazing choice of typography make the theme both readable and visually impressive. Card-based positioning of the featured content creates a perfect balance of texts and images on the page, providing for better perception of the content.

11. Lingerie

11-lingerie Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The theme features playful aesthetics with a fixed sidebar that provides the users with immediate access to the rest of your site’s content with a click. The theme’s front page attracts the visitors’ attention with a large hero image that occupies the central space of the theme. When navigating to the category and product pages, you will see simple product listings that guide the users through your offerings in an intuitive way.

12. Baby Store

12-baby-store Shopify theme

Demo | More info
If you are looking for a ready-made eCommerce solution to sell outerwear and toys for kids, then take a closer look at the following theme. Bright and cheerful, it conveys a lot of enthusiasm. Smiling kids’ faces in the header slider establish a joyous atmosphere on the page. MegaMenu, search bar, icons, login, profile and shopping cart have all been enhanced with eye-catching multi-colored elements. The parallax scrolling effect adds more interactivity to the theme, encouraging the visitors to browse your pages.

13. Organic Cosmetics

13-organic-cosmetics Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The clean style of the theme’s layout, enhanced with light green elements, adds a natural, fresh tone to the theme. When reaching your front page, the users will have a clear understanding of what your site is all about. Bold banners, sliders and an easy to scan list of featured products let the web audience better understand your offerings and even start making purchases straight away. An interactive carousel slider of featured products showcases all new items and the ones that are on sale. Quick View option has been pre-loaded.

14. Electronics Retailer

14-electronics-retailer Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The theme was built in accordance with all the appropriate requirements of electronics and software related web stores – clean, seamless in navigation and easy to view. Running on a fully responsive Bootstrap framework, the theme can adjust flawlessly to a variety of contemporary screen sizes. Fully integrated with social media, it provides the users with the facility to spread the word about your offerings with just a click of a mouse. The theme not only looks usable, but it is also pre-loaded with smart modules, advanced customization options, custom page themes, and more features allowing you to tweak the design any way you want.

15. Medical Equipment

15-medical-equipment Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The following Shopify theme will be an ideal fit not only for medical equipment but also beauty, healthcare, electronics, and software web stores. Its clean, refined layout was made highly flexible and dynamic. With the ability to scale to any device, the theme was made SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible. All elements of its design can be tweaked via an advanced dashboard. A selection of customized modules, custom page themes and web forms will serve for the purpose.

16. Woodwork

16-woodwork Shopify theme

Demo | More info
Masculine yet elegant, the theme will become a perfect starting point for furniture, interior design, tools and equipment shops. The theme is well-documented, fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. A set of customizable modules has been pre-loaded into the package, and is free to use in any way you wish. A theme color switcher tool is also available, letting you apply quick changes to the color palette of your website with a click. In order to draw the users’ attention to your hot offers, there is a large bold banner with a countdown placed at the very top of the page.

17. Glamorous Lingerie

17-glamorous-lingerie Shopify theme

Demo | More info
This multi-lingual Shopify theme was specifically developed for lingerie, accessories, fashion and beauty stores. By default, the theme features a dark color scheme. However, the palette can be easily changed to a different one with the help of the theme color switcher tool. A two-column layout of the theme allows you to organize the basic navigation elements and the store’s products in a well-balanced way. A card-based content structure makes the theme both trendy and easy to scan. A full-width background video will demonstrate your store’s offerings at their best.

18. Gifts Online Store

18-gifts-online-store Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The theme was built in accordance with the latest eCommerce requirements. It is fully responsive and SEO friendly. Integrated with a color switcher tool, the color palette of the theme can be switched for a different one with a click. The theme is pre-loaded with multiple custom page themes, so you can pick any one you like and get your site live in a matter of days, without the need to design catalog or product pages on your own.

19. Aquanati

19-aquanati Shopify theme

Demo | More info
Here’s an all-in-one solution for anyone looking for a ready-made Shopify theme for an eCommerce fishing site integrated with a fully featured blog. The theme is loaded with all pre-designed pages to present your store’s offerings beautifully and keep the audience updated on the latest news. In terms of the features providing for a better shopping experience, the theme includes promo banners, search forms, elevate zoom, MegaMenu, etc.

20. Canyon

20-canyon Shopify theme

Demo | More info
This premium Shopify theme is intended to appeal to extreme sports lovers. The layout, built in metro style, features stunning parallax scrolling images, making the users dig deeper into the atmosphere of your business. With the purpose of making it easier for online shoppers to find the desired items, MegaMenu and product previews have been supplied with eye-catching product badges. Pre-designed custom page themes, detailed documentation, Google web fonts, and more advanced customization options will help you tweak the look and feel of the theme in so many ways.

10 Free Shopify Themes

1. Fleur de Lis

21-fleur-de-lis free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The soft colors of this free Shopify theme make it a perfect choice for online stores selling flowers, gifts and beauty products. The theme is abundant in bright, quality visuals, which are intended to showcase your store’s offerings at their best. Intended for content-heavy websites, the theme has been enhanced with lazy load effect. Fully responsive, it was built with valid code.

2. GiftShop

22-giftshop free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
Pre-loaded with all the standard features of Shopify themes, this freebie can be used for a variety of businesses. Its clean layout features enough space to showcase your store’s products effectively. The theme includes a rearrangeable home page, the possibility of showcasing a single product front and center, a sticky sidebar, social media integration, etc.

3. Annabelle

23-annabelle free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
This 100% responsive, versatile Shopify freebie is available in three styles (all of which you can preview on the live demo). The theme is fully customizable. The home page image slideshow comes in two variations – overflow and full width. Catalog and product pages can also be tweaked in multiple ways. A cool elevate zoom, Instagram gallery, news/blog module, logos/brands carousel, and featured products carousel were all custom-made for Annabelle.

4. Jumpstart

24-Jumpstart free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The free Shopify theme is best suited for crowdfunding campaigns. Its minimalist style allows you to bring the focus of the users’ attention to your content. Full-width photo backgrounds and video integration will not only add more visual appeal to your site, but also help the audience better understand what you are dealing with. The theme features a one-page design. A sticky navigation panel in the header provides the users with quick access to all content that you have provided on the pages.

5. Boundless

25-boundless free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
If you are looking for a theme to bring a modern, minimalist look to your web store, then take a closer look at Boundless. Designed for sport and travel related businesses, it includes numerous color and font customization options that allow you to adjust the theme to fit your business perfectly. Rich in quality visuals, the theme is intended to put your store’s offerings front and centre. A grid-based structure gives you the freedom to organize as many items on one page as you wish.

6. Brooklyn

26-brooklyn free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The theme was specifically designed to bring a trendy zest to fashion related stores. Developed to adjust automatically to any screen size, the theme will provide both desktop and mobile users with a seamless browsing experience. An edge-to-edge header slider, dynamic photo grid, category banners with hover effect and quality product previews are all intended to increase the users’ interest in what you sell.

7. Classic

27-classic free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
As the name implies, the theme was built with the traditional eCommerce merchant in mind. It is simple and intuitive in navigation. A fully responsive design of the theme can also be tweaked in multiple ways. The theme is pre-loaded with a rearrangeable home page and 3 styles from which you can choose.

8. Lookbook

28-lookbook free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
Designed in retro style, this free Shopify theme captivates with its non-standard horizontal scroll. By clicking any item, a user will be introduced to a product page with the item details organized in the left sidebar and a carousel product slider occupying the central place of the page.

9. Venture

29-venture free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
The powerful, masculine style of this theme is intended for sport stores. Vivid red elements in the menu bar, headings, logo, pricing details, etc. make the theme so energetic. A card-based set of category banners placed below a large hero slider guide the users through all types of products that you have on offer. A sticky navigation panel provides your audience with quick access to the rest of the items, while a set of featured products invites you to commence shopping, starting with the front page.

10. Simple

30-simple free Shopify theme

Demo | More info
This is the last, but not the least, impressive theme on the list of free Shopify themes. It is simple and designed with the focus on details. A sidebar navigation is presented by means of dropdown menus, which reveal more items with a click. The theme has been optimized for mobile and desktop devices. Its settings panel is simple in management as well.


This was our handpicked selection of 30 free and premium Shopify themes that we recommend you take a closer look at. Varying in their styles, functionality and purpose of use, all of the aforementioned themes are intended to serve one goal – help you get started with your eCommerce site quickly and effortlessly.
If you prefer premium themes to the free solution, you can always check their live demos before the download. Free themes, in their turn, also feature a number of smart options that will help you create a site that will bring you more sales. In a word, feel free to use these Shopify themes in your work and tweak them any way you wish. Are there any other themes that are worthy of being mentioned on the list? Feel free to comment below.

Written by Katherine Crayon, copywriter reporting on tech news and all aspects of the web design industry. Anyone looking for more inspirational posts, tips and advice or simply the latest industry news, meet her in person on and .


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