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3 JavaScript ORMs You Might Not Know

When I wrote my first JavaScript lines, I never thought it would go beyond browser scripting and making interactive websites. I was wrong, since Javascript can be used literally everywhere:

  • You can use it in the browser and you don’t have to be restricted to ECMAscript with DOM API. Languages like CoffeeScript and Dart, transpilable to plain old JavaScript, can help you develop faster and better.
  • You can use it in the server. Node.js and plenty of its frameworks are increasing in number and helping JS developers become full-stack developers.
  • You can use it for mobile apps. Using Cordova and frameworks like Ionic or NativeScript, you can build mobile apps faster without the need to know native development in Java or Swift/Objective-C. You can even share the source code between mobile platforms.
  • You can build IoT. SitePoint has published some articles by Patrick Catanzariti which can be very helpful for this purpose.

With an increased complexity of the application you’re developing, you would need something to help you deal with all the data you’re storing in the database, whether in a DB server (like PostgreSQL), in the embedded SQLite of mobile devices, or in the browser. Here comes the need for ORMs. The Java community has Hibernate, the PHP developers can use Doctrine ORM, and the JavaScript community has its own.

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