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28 Inspiring Best Practices of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is big. A responsive website is what you will want to create these days as responsive sites function well on any device and any resolution. No matter whether your site is viewed from a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer, your content will always be easily digestible. But with an universal availabilty and a self-adjusting look, what secures a positive visual experience. Responsive web sites are much harder to be made awesome as control over most of the design is very limited. We have roamed the web to bring you a whole lot of best practices. This is how a modern responsive design is able to look like. Get inspired… Best Practices of Responsive Design The following article concentrates on great examples created by professional designers and agencies from all over the world. Some of these beauties convince with interesting concepts in user interface design. We encourage you to actually visit these sites to make sure you don’t miss the best part. For those in a hurry we have used Am I Responsive to produce a screenshot collage of any given site. In some cases the service was not able to create this preview. Check these […]