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40 Fresh & Beautiful Examples of Websites With Large Backgrounds

Using large sized pictures or illustrations as your website’s background adds a great visual appeal to your website’s design. Many web designers use large images as backgrounds as more and more users are now opting for high resolution monitors and high speed internet connections. Here’s a showcase of ...

Quick & Easy Way to Implement Drag n Share With jQuery

You must have seen the drag to share functionality on Mashable that lets visitors share the content on popular social networks intuitively. Just drag one of the images in an article and you’ll be able to share the article on your favorite social network by dropping the dragged image over its icon. Even, Nettuts ...

Tips to Write Better CSS Code

CSS is a language that is not difficult to master, but if you use it for a large project, it can be very difficult to manage if you do not follow a defined approach while writing CSS code. Here are few tips that will help you write better and easy to manage CSS code. 1. Don’t Use Global Reset Using global reset ...