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20 Useful WordPress Forms Available on CodeCanyon

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Just about every WordPress-based website has some kind of online form.

They range from the most basic—contact forms, polls, and email subscriber submissions—to more advanced forms like payment, calculator, and user-submitted content.

WordPress users often use free plugins like Contact Form 7 or those included in Jetpack, while others may even take the plunge for a Gravity Forms subscription. But what other solutions are there?

Let’s start by taking a look at 20 of the most popular WordPress forms available on Envato Market.

1. FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder

If you need to craft a form that’s more than your standard contact form, this is what you’re looking for.

FormCraft’s feature set includes powerful options that are sure to meet almost anything you need to build a WordPress form.

FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder

Here are some of the highlights:

  • form validation
  • conditional logic
  • customized notifications
  • AJAX-powered interface
  • submissions in your inbox
  • drag and drop form builder
  • forms presented as popup, slide up, fly in, or widget
  • and much more

You’ll find it fully responsive, with retina-optimized images for fields. And if you need to integrate multi-page forms and payment gateways? You can look to the available FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder add-ons.

2. Quform – WordPress Form Builder

Quform does a good job setting itself apart from other WordPress form plugins.

The easy to use drag and drop interface and flexible styling are where this WordPress form plugin shines the most.

Fully responsive and with the new Google reCAPTCHA, you’ll find this and more:

  • conditional logic
  • fully translatable
  • live design preview
  • drag and drop interface
  • edit CSS in the form builder admin
  • includes three themes with five variations
  • export submitted data to Excel/OpenOffice
  • entries submitted within WordPress and via email

The unique theming system makes it easy to make your forms look great, but without sacrificing many of the features users are looking for in a premium WordPress form plugin like Quform.

3. WordPress Form Builder – Survey & Quiz – FSQM Pro

The WordPress Form Builder – Survey & Quiz – FSQM Pro focus is beyond a simple online quiz solution.

Packed with plenty of form-building tools, this stylish plugin brings a unique feature set to WordPress forms.

WordPress Form Builder - Survey  Quiz - FSQM Pro

This is the ultimate online survey and quiz form-building plugin.

Build your forms with the drag and drop form builder, comb through detailed survey analytics, and set up custom redirection based on user scores.

Features also include:

  • quiz timer
  • file upload
  • user portal
  • auto-responder
  • conditional logic
  • star and scale ratings
  • standalone form pages
  • much more

With 35 form elements and 30 themes, you’ll find WordPress Form Builder – Survey & Quiz – FSQM Pro the best way to survey and collect user submitted data.

4. NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder may be just that.

The ultimate.

 NEX-Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

At first glance, you’ll see features you would expect:

  • math logic
  • drag and drop
  • fully responsive
  • conditional logic
  • multi-step forms
  • email autoresponder
  • etc…

But when you begin to dig a little deeper, you’ll see “the ultimate” isn’t just over-zealous marketing.

More notable features include:

  • popup forms
  • 660+ vector icons
  • 50+ form elements
  • 1200+ Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome integration
  • more

Finally, it’s the NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder grid layout system that gives you a lot of drag and drop control with your form layout.

5. WP Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

This plugin is great for freelancers and small businesses, offering itemized products and services. And WP Estimation & Payment Forms Builder can be used in conjunction with both Gravity Forms and WooCommerce and set up using PayPal for payment.

WP Estimation  Payment Forms Builder

Setting up a cost estimation form with payment and subscription option has never been this easy. Additional features include:

  • Uses a powerful conditional system.
  • You can add a legal notice on the last step.
  • Display a summary before the form is submitted.
  • A progress bar can show either the total price or step number.
  • Call the form with a CSS class on the link or a WordPress shortcode.
  • And more!

The WP Estimation & Payment Forms Builder fills a niche in the WordPress form plugin space and fills it well.

6. ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin

This WordPress form plugin hits a nice mix of features and easy customization.

ARForms is integrated with Twitter Bootstrap, supports seven autoresponder systems, and is fully compatible with

ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin

You can embed your forms in the page or choose to have them fly, stick, or pop up on page load. A great option for newsletter signups and announcements.

Additional features include:

  • CSV export
  • form analytics
  • conditional logic
  • supports Google Fonts
  • multi-column form support
  • password strength indicator
  • collection of commonly used form templates
  • and more

There are 24 elements and 500+ icons included with ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin as well as a full-featured styling tool for CSS customization.

And if this isn’t enough to get the job done, there are many helpful add-ons available for this full-featured form builder.

7. Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact Form

Capturing user and customer feedback is quick and easy with this modal feedback form.

The Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact Form has a great minimal style and is highly configurable.

Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback  Contact Form

You can:

  • Use the four built-in categories or edit them as you like.
  • Reply to feedback via email when you receive a notification.
  • Insert a shortcode into any page to display feedback discussions.

And it integrates with Akismet to handle spam.

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles with the Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact Form, but it is a powerful way to connect and collect feedback.

8. Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form Plugin puts an extra kick into your WordPress forms.

You can use this as a stand-alone contact form or use its unique styling and effects in conjunction with popular form plugins like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and others.

Ninja Kick WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Website users can immediately call up the contact form without having to wait for a page to load—complete with slide-in animation.

It features:

  • MailChimp opt-in
  • responsive design
  • 30 built-in backgrounds
  • color picker for easy styling
  • supports swiping on mobile devices
  • and more

This form plugin does support WPML, but it should be noted that RTL needs to be customized to work properly in Google Chrome.

Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form Plugin is a stylish, fast-loading plugin that works great as a contact or newsletter submission form—or even more complicated forms built using more robust WordPress form plugins.

9. Gravity Forms Styler

Do you use Gravity Forms? Then take a look at this plugin.

The Gravity Forms Styler makes it easy to customize and style your Gravity Forms. This is not a standalone plugin for building forms, but is used in conjunction with Gravity Forms to easily style forms from within the WordPress Admin.

Gravity Forms Styler

You can customize all fields, titles, buttons, backgrounds, and more. It even comes with a shortcode builder and widget.

Styling your Gravity Forms is easy with Gravity Forms Styler.

10. Form Generator – WordPress Form Builder

This robust form plugin uses all standard HTML elements and six advanced fields with format and syntax validation.

You can completely style Form Generator with drag and drop tools and an easy to use visual form builder.

Form Generator - WordPress Form Builder

But don’t let the “easy to use” tools deter you from its functionality.

Options include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • SMTP sending
  • access 600+ Google fonts
  • customize your captcha field
  • notifications can also be sent via CC and BCC
  • date picker in 34 languages and 8 date formats

There are also several file upload options, including the ability to receive file uploads as email attachments.

The Form Generator – WordPress Form Builder has a strong feature set, while being easy to customize and configure.

11. TotalPoll Pro – WordPress Poll Plugin

One does not simply set up a poll on WordPress.

TotalPoll Pro is a pro poll plugin for WordPress—boasting over 70 features.

TotalPoll Pro - WordPress Poll Plugin

Fully responsive and easy to include in WordPress using a shortcode, widget, or direct link, additional features include:

  • custom fields
  • beautiful templates
  • six different anti-cheating layers
  • reCaptcha service to protect against bots
  • display archived poll results and export results as CSV
  • and much more

Several language translations are available, and if you’re planning on publishing many polls or building a site focused on polling, the TotalPoll Pro – WordPress Poll Plugin is SEO friendly.

12. ez Form Calculator – WordPress Plugin

The ez Form Calculator – WordPress Plugin can be used with WooCommerce and PayPal.

A few use case scenarios include:

  • real estate
  • event managers
  • media agencies
  • charity organizations
  • freight costs
  • photography studios
  • etc…
ez Form Calculator - WordPress Plugin

Build your forms using the drag and drop editor or use the import/export feature.

Additional features include:

  • discounts
  • file uploads
  • conditional logic
  • MailChimp integration
  • advanced calculation and backend security verification

Whether you’re using ez Form Calculator – WordPress Plugin as your primary form or along with WooCommerce, you’ll find that it really adds up.

13. AJAX Contact Forms (for WordPress)

AJAX Contact Forms (for WordPress) is a basic jQuery-based, AJAX-powered contact form.

With a curious twist.

You can easily integrate forms into WordPress pages, use anti-spam captcha, and set up multiple forms in the WordPress Admin; but what really sets AJAX Contact Forms (for WordPress) apart from the rest is Twitter integration:

  • submission notifications via Twitter Direct Message (as well as email)

A unique feature for this basic AJAX powered contact form.

14. Event Booking Pro: Forms Manager Add On

Event Booking Pro: Forms Manager Add On extends the power of Event Booking Pro, giving you the ability to add custom fields to your event booking pages.

This is an add-on, so Event Booking Pro is required for this to work.

Event Booking Pro Forms Manager Add On

The Event Booking Pro: Forms Manager Add On includes many input types, including:

  • text
  • email
  • select
  • text area
  • static text
  • check box
  • radio buttons
  • terms and conditions

If you are already using Event Booking Pro, using the Event Booking Pro: Forms Manager Add On really expands its usability.

15. Adults Only Age Verification System for WordPress

Here’s a straightforward way to place an age gate between web users and content.

The Adults Only Age Verification System for WordPress has multiple verification methods, is SEO friendly, and works with just about any WordPress theme.

Adults Only Age Verification System for WordPress

Verification methods include:

  • simple links
  • input fields
  • drop down

You can also change the order of dates. For example: MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY

Whether you’re using shortcodes or one of the three included templates, Adults Only Age Verification System for WordPress can send users to the right content.

16. Storage for Contact Form 7

Extend the power of Contact Form 7 with Storage for Contact Form 7.

This plugin add-on is a good way to avoid servers mishandling Contact Form 7 submissions and losing them into the Black Hole of the Internet.

Just to be clear, Contact Form 7 is required for this to work.

Storage for Contact Form 7

All form submissions are stored in your WordPress database—including attachments. You can also have submissions sent to you via email, but all data is collected in the Admin and can also be exported to CSV.

Additional data collected by Storage for Contact Form 7 includes:

  • time
  • date
  • email
  • subject
  • IP address
  • attachments
  • URL referrer
  • and more

This plugin add-on is a great way to extend Contact Form 7’s usability.

17. Exporter for FSQM Pro – Reports & Submissions

This is an add-on plugin; a very nice addition to WordPress Form Builder – Survey & Quiz – FSQM Pro.

Exporter for FSQM Pro – Reports & Submissions takes the user data collected and imports it into a number of useful formats.

Exporter for FSQM Pro - Reports  Submissions

Exportable formats include:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • CSV
  • XLS
  • XLSX

You can also include charts with most export formats.

There are some extra customizations you can make to your PDF exports—handy for quick reports—but most users will find the raw data exports extremely useful.

Exporter for FSQM Pro – Reports & Submissions is a very useful add-on for the WordPress Form Builder – Survey & Quiz – FSQM Pro plugin.

18. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

Building a WordPress site that allows visitors to submit standard WordPress posts or post types, whether they’re logged in or not, requires a particular set of features.

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro has that exact feature set.

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

In full HTML5 responsiveness, you can customize a front-end posting form with all the right options. It’s like having several plugins in one.

The included options and features are:

  • captcha
  • post details
  • custom fields
  • email notifications
  • field type selectors
  • media uploading tools
  • media library integration
  • drag and drop form builder
  • post types and taxonomies
  • templates and styling features
  • select or exclude categories and tags
  • and more

There are other plugins like this, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one that offers this much flexibility and options.

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro does a great job of bringing everything that’s in the post admin side of WordPress and bringing it to the front end.

19. Frontend Publishing Pro

Much like the previous plugin, Frontend Publishing Pro brings the back end of WordPress to the front.

Configure an unlimited number of forms—with your settings and restrictions for each form—and easily add them to any page using a shortcode.

Frontend Publishing Pro

You have the option to give users full access to their own post management, including view, edit, and delete. Users can upload files within the limits you put in place, such as max upload size and file type.

Other features include:

  • custom fields
  • layered security
  • email notifications
  • CopyScape integration
  • drag and drop form builder
  • supports any post type and custom taxonomies
  • more!

Quickly and easily set up front-end publishing with Frontend Publishing Pro.

20. Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies

WordPress sites using custom fields and taxonomies—online shops and real estate websites, for example—need an easy and effective way to make the content easy for the user to find.

That’s exactly what Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies does.

Filter Custom Fields  Taxonomies

This plugin is fully customizable, can be placed via shortcode or widget, and has some great options:

  • range slider
  • map search
  • conditional fields
  • select, radio, and checkboxes
  • full text search with highlighting
  • min/max/equal or like searches

You can decide the results order, use hidden fields, and more.

Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies will help connect users with the data they are searching for.


There are many different approaches to WordPress forms, each approach trying to solve a different problem. There are WordPress form plugins that make it easier to customize your forms, communicate with customers, collect survey data, and just about everywhere in between.

If a WordPress form plugin that you need wasn’t listed here, see what else you can find at Envato Market.

Otherwise, you might consider coding your own. Envato Tuts+ has WordPress tutorials, eBooks, and courses. Try WordPress Plugin Development Essentials or maybe the WordPress Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Some helpful eBooks include Useful Tricks and Techniques for WordPress and Mastering WordPress.

What are some creative WordPress forms you’ve used or created?