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20 Code Snippets for Clean and Stylish Contact Forms

Several text inputs with accompanying labels and a huge prominent CTA at the end to submit a form and send it to the recipient – usually, a contact form looks exactly like that. And it seems that there are no difficulties in generating one at home. Not so fast, however, there are some pitfalls. For example, do you need your feedback form to be responsive, bootstrap-powered or entirely customized? If yes, then you need to sweat it out. You have to play with CSS styles, Javascript libraries, and modern HTML features in order to find a perfect symbiosis that will bring the mockup to life. To say nothing about making it work with the help of PHP or some other means.


However, as is always the case, on the web there are numerous viable and reliable pre-defined solutions, code snippets and templates that may do all the heavy lifting for you or at least provide you with an excellent starting point, saving you lots of time. Today we have rounded up 20 pens that feature clean, elegant and hassle-free contact forms that tackle this issue pretty efficiently. Some of them like those that include just static yet refined designs can be quickly customized, while others that have unique layouts or accompanying effects may find its place in your projects without drastic changes.

Fullscreen Form Interface

Full-screen contact form
Creator: Mary Lou

Responsive Contact Form with Map

contact form with map
Creator: Lentie Ward

Responsive Material Design Contact Form

responsive material design form
Creator: Nikhil Krishnan

Clean Contact Form

clean contact form
Creator: nick haskell

Elegant Contact Form

elegant contact form
Creator: Mark Murray

Responsive Contact Form Using Bootstrap 3 and Google Maps API

responsive contact form
Creator: Craig Wheeler

Sass Flip Contact Form

sass flip form
Creator: Danny Beton

Vintage Inspired Contact Form

vintage form
Creator: David Fitas

Simple Flat Contact Form

flat contact form
Creator: Zach Saucier

Contact Form

envelope style form
Creator: Iulian Savin

Drop-Down Contact Form

drop-down form
Creator: Greg Sweet

Contact Form HTML+CSS

diagonal style form
Creator: Trevor L.J.M. McIntire

Form Feedback

light contact form
Creator: CrocoDillon

Minimalistic Form

minimalistic form
Creator: Matheus Marsiglio

Flat Responsive Form

flat responsive form
Creator: And Studio

Personal Website

contact form in personal website
Creator: Tim Robert-Fitzgerald

Blackboard/Chalkboard Contact Form

blackboard form
Creator: Greg Sweet

CSS Only, Responsive Modal Form

responsive modal form
Creator: Daryll Doyle

Contact Form

contact form animation
Creator: Peter Kullmann

Under the Sea Contact Form

under the sea form
Creator: Geert-Jan Hendriks