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20 Best Resources to Learn Photoshop Within a Few Days


There are countless Photoshop resources online for beginners and experienced designer. But which websites are right to enhance your designing skills? Your search is over. Here is a list of 20 of the best sites to learn Photoshop online.

Adobe TV

Adobe makes Photoshop, so Adobe TV is your first step into Learning Resources and Tutorials.

© Adobe TV


Phlearn is one of the most popular Photoshop resources. You will find hundreds free and premium Photoshop tutorials.

© Phlearn


Leading online learning platform that helps you learn creative skills to achieve professional goals.

© Lynda

Photoshop Cafe

This Cafe is all about Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography. Worth checking out all premium learning resources.

© Photoshop Cafe


KelbyOne is another premium tutorial site. Many of the instructors are leaders in the field, help you learn everything about Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography.

© KelbyOne


Udemy has a great range of online classes for Photoshop. It´s easy to find the best ones according to user reviews and ratings.

© Udemy


DeviantArt is a creative online community. Divided into different categories, it is easy to find Photoshop tutorials that instruct viewers on specific techniques, and on painting an image from scratch.

© DeviantArt


Envatos Tuts+ offers hundreds of free tutorials. Its extensive library of premium tutorials is one of the most useful.

© Tuts+


Tutorial9 is entirely free. A great resource for Photoshop guides and tutorials (more than 9!).

© Tutorial9

Photoshop Creative

The first choice for Photoshop fans who want in-depth, step-by-step tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

© Photoshop Creative

Vandelay Design

Home to hundreds of Premium-quality design resources including PSDs, brushes, mockup templates, and more.

© Vandelay Design


A great source with over 2,500 published design-related articles and tutorials.

© DesignStacks

PSD Dude

If you like Photoshop, you should bookmark this blog. Useful resources and quality design inspiration.

© PSD Dude

PS Hero

PS Hero is a fantastic Photoshop resource run by Hero – a surfer and graphic designer based in California.

© PS Hero

PSD Learning

Knowledge organized in different categories with hundreds of easy to follow tutorials.

© PSD Learning

Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics is home to a range of design tutorials, free resources and inspiration to help you have fun creating cool stuff.

© Spoon Graphics

PSD Vault

PSD Vault focuses on providing high quality, step-by-step Photoshop tutorials to all Photoshop lovers and hobbyists around the world.

© PSD Vault

Learn Photo Editing

35+ awesome tutorials for only $27 for a Lifetime Membership. Learn how to take a photo and create something amazing out of it.

© Learn Photo Editing

Adobe KnowHow

Photoshop courses in a personalized learning experience. Make notes and cue points alongside the video content.

© Adobe KnowHow

Photoshop Lover

Photoshop Lover is a project that aggregates the tutorials from other sites. Great to find more websites from where you can learn Photoshop.

© Photoshop Lover