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20 Best eCommerce Themes of Winter 2017

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No doubt online stores are forcing out the ordinary shops out of business. However the abundance of the former on the web makes the competition extremely tough. So deciding to launch your online store you should take into consideration lots of details to make it more appealing for the customers than the stores of your competitors. If you think that the most important thing is sleek catchy design, you are wrong. It is important, but far not paramount. The main thing for your website to be popular is to be customer-oriented and user-friendly. If it takes hours to find the item needed or the buying process takes too many steps, or your store looks broken when browsing through mobile devices no one will pay attention to your cool animations, parallax scrolling or trendy design. You should always think of your customer. If you focus on selling your product you will gain nothing. If you think of what your customers want, they will feel it and appreciate it. There are lots of eCommerce templates to choose from: Magento, OpenCart, responsive PrestaShop themes, WooCommerce, etc. Each of them has its own peculiarities, but all of them are user-friendly and easy to work with.

For this roundup we have hand-picked 20 bestselling eCommerce templates of this winter, which are excellent examples of client-oriented websites. All of them are provided by one of the world’s leading template providers, TemplateMonster. This is not just a brand. This is a guarantee of professional approach in everything up to the tiniest detail. The themes are extremely feature-rich, making it easy to create a user-friendly and fully functional website. Sleek up-to-date design corresponds with all latest tendencies and trends. Being highly flexible each of the themes can be adjusted to your needs and goals.

StoreFlex – Multipurpose OpenCart Template

StoreFlex is a successful solution for any eCommerce project. Its stunning design is supported by powerful functionality creating a perfect combination for any website. The template goes with clipart for 20 product types, which enables you to use 10 different topics in one pack. StoreFlex is extremely flexible. Use intuitive layout builder, experiment with varied skins and color schemes to give your website a unique look. Full RTL support and multi-currency makes it easy to expand your business to international market. Lookbook presentation, promo banner, deal of the day, smart product filtering and other features make the template extremely functional and user-friendly.

Details |  Demo

Magetique – Multipurpose Magento 2 Template

Magetique is not just another Magento template. It is the most comprehensive theme that runs on Magento 2 and boasts impeccable design and advanced functionality. It comes with 5 layouts to fit specific needs of niche business. More than 20 Magento extensions aim to facilitate your life and make the browsing experience more user-friendly. Instead of using endless dropdowns, make use of powerful mega menu, which allows you to arrange all you categories, add banners, images, etc. Parallax scrolling and video integration will add dynamics to your website and help to present your products in an original way.

Details |  Demo

Eveprest – Multipurpose PrestaShop Template

This fully responsive PrestaShop template is a decent choice for your online store. Eveprest comes with 5 niche themes for furniture, fashion, electronics, spare parts and one product shop. More than 20 premium modules included into the package are going to save you over $1200! Powerful customization opportunities presented by TM Mega Layout Builder, unlimited color options, multiple header and footer styles will help you to personalize your website. Lookbook functionality allows you creating stunning presentation of your products. TM 360 View makes it easy for your customers to see the item in details before buying it.

Details |  Demo

Hair Crown – Hair Care Magento Template

This professionally looking theme is right what you need for a hair care or cosmetics store. It welcomes the visitor with bright full-width slider, which is ideal for presenting some important information. Beautiful fonts and trendy ghost button makes it look stylish and aesthetical appealing. Fully responsive design enables your customers to shop right from their mobile devices. You can create beautiful customized menus for your website thanks to mega menu functionality. With Product Carousel you can organize the items smart and compact, saving a lot of space.


Details |  Demo

Chef Plaza – Wine Store WooCommerce Theme

Like any WooCommerce theme is easy and intuitive in installation, customization and maintenance. Its clean sleek design uses a lot of white color, which makes the theme look spacious and brings the content into focus. Except for design the template boasts powerful functionality. Ajax-powered modules create positive user-friendly experience for your customers. Use MotoPress slider to create stunning sliders to showcase your products. Cherry Sidebar plugin allows you creating custom sidebars. Performance optimization guarantees you higher positions in search engine results.


Details |  Demo

Fashion Gaze – Apparel Store WooCommerce Theme

Being easy and intuitive in everything this template will help you to start a fashion apparel store with ease. The template runs on Cherry Framework 5 providing you with a bunch of advantages. The theme is fully responsive and powered by Bootstrap, which makes it highly adjustive to any handheld device. Full-width slider with your top propositions catches the eye. Functional big banners right below it facilitate navigation. Products organized into product carousel look neat and save you some space on the page. It would be easy also to start a blog to attract more visitors.


Details |  Demo

Spiceli – Spice Store Magento Template

Spiceli runs on Magento 2, providing you with such useful Magento extensions as Ajax Search, Ajax Wishlist, Ajax Compare, Ajax Catalog, which create pleasant browsing experience for your customers. Activating Newsletter popup you will enlarge the number of your subscribers. Functional Mega menu provides easier navigation. Multilanguage and multi-currency support allow you widening your business. You can share product YouTube videos on your website, which is powerful conversion booster and also a splendid opportunity to present your products in an original way.


Details |  Demo

Plus Size – Women Wear OpenCart Template

Minimalistic design of this theme makes your visitors fully focus on the products you offer. It has a clear structure making it easy to find the product needed. Various sorting options and Ajax search serve the same purpose. Product badges indicate the status of the product and it is easy to single them out of the mass. With theme color switcher you will be able to change the color scheme of your website with a single click. Newsletter pop-up is the first thing your visitors see entering the website, which makes it easier to enrich your subscribers base.


Details |  Demo

Organica – Organic Cosmetics WooCommerce Template

This fully responsive template is an ideal choice for organic products store. Its color palette uses a lot of natural colors, creating the relevant atmosphere. It greets the visitor with a full-width slider showcasing your top products. Below there are functional big banners leading to the product pages. Use product badges to mark the products on sale or new arrivals. Sticky dropdown menu facilitates navigation. A set of custom widgets in-built provide you with advanced functionality. Simple Slider, post carousel, social media widget give you more opportunities to present your store.


Details |  Demo

Twen – Fashion Store PrestaShop 1.7 Template

If you want to launch a professional fashion store, consider Twen as an option. Running on PrestaShop 1.7 engine it offers you powerful functionality to provide your visitors with the best shopping experience. Use TM Media Parallax module to add depth to your background. Product Quick view allows your customers to get detailed information about the item without the necessity to go to a new page. Ajax powered modules make the process of searching and buying easy and intuitive. TM Category Products give you more freedom in organizing your items.


Details |  Demo

Hamintec – Sneakers Store PrestaShop Theme

This sleek up-to-date design is a professional solution for your shoes store. Big images, cozy textures, clean background and well-arranged products ,make really positive impression on the visitor. The theme comes with 3 pre-made layout styles, but you can make use of TM Mega Layout Builder to create your own pages with ease. Hamintec comes pre-packed with premium TM modules worth a total of $500+. Multilingual support will help you to attract more clients from different parts of the world and multi-currency allows them paying in their local currency.

Hamintec - Sneakers Store PrestaShop Theme

Details |  Demo

Fleek – Urban Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

With this eCommerce theme you will have an easy start for your online business. Intuitive in maintenance it is ideal for the beginners. GPL 3.0 license allows you using the template for unlimited number of projects and to edit its code. Fleek is fully responsive and retina ready, guaranteeing flawless performance on any device, even with the screens with high pixel density. Stick-to-top menu, big banners, back-to-top button aim to facilitate navigation and let the visitors find what they came for. Full social integration will benefit both you and your clients.


Details |  Demo

Cosmetorix – Cosmetics Store OpenCart Template

Cosmetorix is a modern template corresponding with all the latest trends. Its color palette uses soft pastel colors making it ideal for cosmetics store. However Theme Color Switcher allows you shifting to another color scheme with a single click. The template is pre-packed with lots of powerful modules. Ajax search and Ajax cart will provide your customers with pleasant and effortless shopping experience. Use product badges to identify the status of the product. With RTL support you have more possibilities to expand your business.

Cosmetorix OpenCart Template

Details |  Demo

Simple Things – Home Decor OpenCart Template

This elegant design with soft colors and well-organized content is going to become your rock solid foundation for any project. Wise use of negative space and unusual layout structure shifts the focus to the content. Minimalistic full-width slider with host button looks stylish and modern. Navigation bar is hidden below compact hamburger button. To provide your visitors with professional navigation you can create custom mega menu, including your categories, subcategories and all types of banners you like. The template comes with multilanguage and multi-currency support.


Details |  Demo

Smart – Electronics PrestaShop Template

Smart is a fully responsive and retina ready template with sleek modern design. It was designed for electronics online store, but thanks to its neutral layout and advanced flexibility it can be adjusted to other projects as well. TM Mega Menu module allows you creating custom multilevel menus including banners and videos into them. Lots of premium modules are already included into the package relieving you from the necessity to buy them separately. Thus you can use TM Media Parallax, TM Mosaic Products, TM HTML Content, TM Google map, etc.


Details |  Demo

SportLabs – Sport Nutrition WooCommerce Them

SportLabs was designed for those who know the worth of healthy life. The theme is designed in black and red colors, which is ideal for sport related websites. TM Drag-and-Drop Page Builder allows you creating new pages or customize the existing ones without any efforts. Experiment with your website’s structure with multiple layout options. Content modules give you an opportunity to diversify your website’s content to keep the visitors engaged. With Timetable plugin you will be able to organize the events in a clear and easy-to-skim way.


Details |  Demo

Jewelrix – Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme

This exquisite template fits supremely well a jewelry online store. It uses elegant black and white color scheme with golden accents. Stylish page-width slider is an ideal place to highlight your promos, sales or any other important information. With Mega Menu functionality you will be able to provide your customers with unique browsing experience. Unusual layout structure dazzles and makes you scroll further. Use product video to attract more attention to the products and to boost your conversion. Newsletter pop-up will help you to keep your visitors updated about the latest events.


Details |  Demo

Organic – Natural Cosmetics PrestaShop Template

Organic was designed for natural products stores. Fresh green color used in the layout strongly associates with nature and youth. The look of the theme took a lot from material design. Flat elements and clear fonts make the content easy to look-through. The template is highly flexible. IT allows you to switch between 4 different color schemes, multiple header and footer styles. TM Mega Layout Builder allows you experimenting with your website’s structure and look. The overall cost of all premium modules embedded into the package is $500+.

Organic cosmetics - responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details |  Demo

Texlist – Electronics Store PrestaShop Theme

This template is a wise choice for your eCommerce project. It features use-friendly handy sidebar mega menu. Bright category labels make it easy to set aside the items one is interested in. In-built social media widget will help you to create constant presence of your brand in social networks. You will definitely enjoy lots of TM modules already included into the price. For instance you can make use of TM Mosaic Products, TM Products Slider, TM Mega Menu. TM Mega Layout guarantees you smooth and easy customization process.

Texlist PrestaShop Theme

Details |  Demo

F2 – Fashion Boutique Magento 2 Theme

This powerful template running on Magento 2 framework looks trendy and stylish. Its card-based layout provides positive browsing experience and facilitates navigation. Sticky Mega Menu serves the same purpose. Fixed to the right sidebar navigation bar provides quick access to the user’s personal account, search form, shopping cart and settings. Unique product page is really informative and gives the customers all the important information about the chosen item. The template is extremely flexible and can be adjusted to whatever project.


Details |  Demo

Powerful customization modules and layout builders allow you to do it without any technical knowledge. However if you want to have everything done for you, there is such an option. Simply apply to TM Service Center and the professional team will fulfill all your requirements in the shortest possible time.

If this is your first project or you don’t have much experience in website maintenance, you might be seeking for additional information. Of course, there are lots of articles written on various related topics. They are good, but you won’t get the full idea from them. There will still be gaps, which you will have to fill with another article. As an alternative, you can use some resource with more complex approach. We recommend you to start with Startup Hub. This is a free online resource that provides you with full information on running a website, from choosing the appropriate template to developing marketing strategies. You will also find lots of tutorials, eBooks and webinars there.


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