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20 Animated Interfaces: New Ways to Present a Concept

There are numerous ways to represent the prototype of an upcoming project to the client. You can stick to the traditional path and overwhelm the client with a bulk of paper material and digital sketches accompanied by extensive descriptions. Or you could go for modern tools such as Adobe After Effects, Framer.js or MarvelApp that will make the future interface look pretty realistic, alive, much more friendly and approachable. The latter is a preferable option nowadays: a bit of interactivity has never hurt anyone and in case of displaying work proves to be pretty effective . One of such modern tools are the animated Gif walkthroughs. They are not precisely a brand-new solution (they have been with us for several years), nevertheless they are still attention-grabbing.

Despite looking like an excellent instrument for a pastime, it has a potential to benefit any project by improving and enriching the way of introducing it to the potential customers. It is small, lightweight, easily generated and most importantly engaging. It presents the concept in an unobtrusive and playful manner that naturally wins over the client.

Today we have collected 20 great examples of animated interfaces.

Gif for Sport App

gif for sport app
Creator: Sergey Valiukh for T U B I K

City Intro Animation

city intro
Creator: Vasjen Katro for Fabric

Speedcam App Animation

speedcam app gif
Creator: Jakub Antalík

Weather Dashboard / Global Outlook 

weather dashboard
Creator: Studio–JQ

Android Wear – Clock App

android wear gif
Creator: Ramotion

Madvad Landing Page

landing page
Creator: Hoang Nguyen

Time Tracking App

productivity chart
Creator: Hanna Jung

Star Wars App Concept

star wars concept
Creator: Konstantine Trundayev for Yalantis

Strada Cafe App

strada - cafe app
Creator: Nick Buturishvili for Leavingstone

UX Pattern – Gif Hints

ux pattern
Creator: Virgil Pana

Bob Web Player

web player
Creator: Pivotal

Moves App for Watch

moves app for iwatch
Creator: Jakov for Unity

Weather Rebound

weather app
Creator: Chris Slowik

Ramen Ninja App Animation

ramen app
Creator: Walker Reed

Mood Control Animation

mood control app
Creator: Veronika Bass for Cleveroad

Plastique Mobile Launch

plastique mobile app
Creator: Rachel Blank

Portfolio Website Redesign

portfolio redesign
Creator: David Moore

Dribbble App for Apple Watch

dribbble app for apple watch
Creator: Artem

Tapdaq – Creative Template Process

Creator: Jan Losert

UI8 Wireframe Kit

wireframe kit
Creator: Creativedash