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15 Best Practices of Mobile App Landing Pages

No one likes to be overwhelmed by data (textual or multimedia) or graphics. Smart and compact arrangements in collaboration with an optimal balance between those two are what is needed to successfully win customers, especially when it comes to promoting upcoming digital products. Apps that are created to work on cell phones and tablets look great and consistent on various platforms and screens. To see this firsthand take a glance at our fresh collection of excellent examples of mobile app landing pages. Find some inspiration or derive a few design patterns for your next website. Mylo Mylo’s landing page exudes an image of purity, elegance, and fashion. Light coloring in collaboration with a vast amount of white space lets us quickly identify its first priorities. Thus, CTA buttons and vigilantly animated gif of an app routine enclosed in stylish highly realistic white iPhone mockup are natural eye catchers. Moovris The first thing that strikes the eye is a mobile device with a neatly incorporated dynamic walkthrough. Thanks to vibrant, simply beautiful coloring and flat style, the front page bolsters brand identity and has got a refined and sophisticated appearance.   Coop Coop goes for a professionally-crafted cartoonish style that gives […]