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14 Useful WordPress Themes for Your 2017 Projects

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Looking for a WordPress theme?

The options seem endless; and it can be a bit overwhelming. Any old theme won’t do. You want one that enables you to build awesome websites, while providing the best value for your money.

What to look for:

  • An Aesthetically Pleasing Design: If you plan on being in business for a while, be sure to select a modern, aesthetically pleasing theme that won’t need major changes over the long term.
  • SEO Friendliness: Getting plenty of traffic is all-important, but it’s only going to happen if your website is SEO friendly. Select a theme that displays this capability.
  • Easy Customization: A theme that is easy to customize will give you plenty of design flexibility. And will save you tons of time in the process. Why pay for a product that puts you in a creative straitjacket?
  • Quality Support: Getting a response to a problem via email within 3-5 business days is not quality support. Look for a theme that gets you in touch with a customer service rep right away, or promises a rapid response. Forums and videos are helpful too.

Be Theme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Be Theme Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Be Theme, the biggest WordPress theme ever, is also one of the most versatile and popular. It has every feature you’ve come to look for in a multi-purpose theme, plus several you won’t find in most other WP themes.

Be’s showcase feature is its more than 230 pre-built websites to choose from. They cover all the common website types, as well as the major business niches. Each of these pre-built websites is professionally designed in terms of their appearance and functionality. They are aesthetically pleasing and modern in appearance, and they provide a solid foundation for creating an engaging UX.

With Muffin Builder 3 and Visual Composers as your page-building options, along with 200+ shortcodes, there’s no need for coding, no matter how much detail you include in your design. Other Be Theme features include 20 customizable header styles, SEO ready, Retina Ready, and Responsive, plus its powerful Admin Panel and the practically limitless selection of design options.

The Core – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

The Core  Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

The Core is another multi-purpose WordPress theme that has much to offer. Its users love how its backend Advanced Visual Builder not only makes website building intuitive, but gives them complete, real-time control throughout the design process.

The Core comes with 20+ thematic demos, each of which can be installed with a single click, along with The Core Main. The Core Main is a multipurpose demo that you’ll find many uses for. The other demo designs have been carefully crafted for use in building a particular website type, theme, or industry.

Other key features include three sliders and an excellent selection of shortcodes that, along with the visual builder, eliminates any need for coding. The Core is Responsive, and WooCommerce and Retina ready. The three purchase plans include the lifetime plan, an excellent buy if you intend to become a long-term, heavy user.

Enfold – Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold - Multi-Purpose Theme

The fact that Enfold is a ThemeForest best-rated top seller says a great deal. ThemeForest is well known for its line of high-quality products. Enfold is an extremely versatile WordPress theme.

Enfold offers a top-notch selection of quality demos. While you can import any one of them with a single click, an especially attractive feature is the ability to combine features from several demos as your design unfolds. Many users rely mainly on the Enfold default demo to get the job done, but the ability to borrow elements from other demos is still there.

Quality support is something you should expect when selecting a WP theme. You’ll receive nothing less than top support from the Enfold team and from ThemeForest. You’ll get the proper answers to your questions, and whatever assistance you may need, and in good time. ThemeForest also offers a hosted version of Enfold.

Hestia PRO

Hestia PRO

If onepage websites are you forte, Hestia PRO will be an excellent choice. Hesta PRO is a onepage Material Design theme. Given its multiplicity of features and functions however, it fully qualifies as a multi-purpose theme.

Hesta PRO is Responsive and WooCommerce ready. You’ll also discover that its layouts are glamourous. It’s a great choice for startups.

Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Houzez - Real Estate WordPress Theme

While any web designer can use a multi-purpose theme, many are better served by a specialty theme like Houzez, that focuses on a certain business niche or industry. As its name implies, Houzez is a WP theme destined for real estate agents and agencies. Its interior pages are specifically designed to fit the needs of the real estate industry.

Divi 3.0

Divi 3.0

Divi has, since its launch, been an Elegant Themes top seller, and with the release of Divi 3.0 it’s popularity has soared. Much of that is due Divi Builder, its state-of-the-art page building tool.

You’ll find plenty of use for the 20+ pre-made layouts as well, plus the feature that lets you preview device type displays and adjust your design accordingly.

KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

KLEO - Pro Community Focused Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

KLEO was BuddyPress’s top-rated theme in 2016, and its popularity should only increase in 2017. KLEO is a community-oriented theme that can boast of such features as a Facebook login, Pricing and Price Comparison tables, a Geo Directory, and an e-learning system. KLEO’s advanced page builder and modular approach make building a portfolio, blog, or shop almost ridiculously easy.

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

You should have a workable concept in mind before you start to design a website. This is where Uncode sparkles. Uncode offers several concept categories, blog, classic, shop, etc., with several concepts in each category. The Enhanced Visual Composer, Adaptive Images, and Advanced Grid System, along with many other features, allow you to turn any of these engaging concepts into a sparkling website, portfolio, or shop.

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem has been called by some the “Swiss Army Knife” of WP themes. It is so loaded with features, and so flexible, that it would be difficult to image a website type that you could not create with it. In addition to more than 40 design concepts, there are 150 awesome demo pages to work with, along with a host of navigation settings and styles.

Ultra WordPress Theme

Ultra WordPress Theme

Ultra, Themify’s most powerful WP theme, is a genuine time saver if you’re in the market for a great theme for creating client sites. Its pre-made demo sites and single-click demo setup provide the content, menus, widgets, and other features you need to get your design off to a rapid start.

Another impressive feature is Ultra’s selection of design skins, with which you can make your websites truly unique in their appearance.

Impreza WordPress Theme

Impreza WordPress Theme

Impreza is impressing! It has every feature you would expect to find in a premium WordPress theme. Rather than a selection of headers to choose from, Impreza lets you design your own with its visual header builder, plus 14 templates to help you along. There are, of course, a host of other impressive features as well.

Test drive it for free; and see how small details can make a big impression.

XStore – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

XStore - Responsive WooCommerce Theme

XStore is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a theme that makes e-commerce look easy. This king-size theme was created with one thing in mind; to help you and others create professional-looking online shops that are guaranteed to gain user trust. XStore is user friendly, and the shops you can build using it will provide a friendly UX as well. All this, and you don’t even need special technical skills or coding skills.

Kalium WordPress Theme

Kalium WordPress Theme

If the minimalist look is a favored design trend of yours, Kalium should be right up your alley. Kalium’s hallmark feature is its selection of modern, minimalist demos. There are many other great features too, including shortcodes, bonus elements, unlimited options, and popular plugins (including Visual Composer). Kalium also supports a host of plugins that are not included.

TheFox Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

TheFox Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

TheFox WordPress theme has been designed to the minutest detail. It’s the smartest WordPress theme on ThemeForest. It’s new, for real, multi-purpose, super flexible, and clever like a fox in the way it helps you create one outstanding website after another. Features include 30+ design demos, 250+ design details, Visual Composer with custom modules, and premium plugins. Check out TheFox Business demo and/or the Trending demo.

Wrapping it Up

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose theme, you’ll find it here, the same is true if you need a dedicated e-commerce theme, a onepage theme, or one dedicated to the real estate niche. Whichever you choose, expect to receive a quality product, with excellent support.

If you feel we’ve left something out, let us know. There’s a host of good WP themes out there; we simply chose those we believe to be the best of the lot.

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