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14 Free WordPress Themes For Your Website

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MH Themes from the German city of Frankfurt is one of the most successful theme providers of its country. Not only do they offer paid themes, but they are a treasure chest for friends of free WordPress themes as well. MH Themes is mainly known for the fantastic MH Magazine Theme, which is currently being used on our sister magazine Dr. Web.

But this is far from all. 14 free themes are waiting for you to discover and use them.

Go to the free themes here

MH Themes is a »Pro Theme Provider.«

The business model of theme providers has changed drastically lately. Previously, we had premium theme providers that only offered one or two themes for free, trying to sell the rest for more or less high prices. One of the most popular ones has been WooThemes (now known as WooCommerce).

Pro theme providers offer all their themes as Lite versions in the official WordPress theme index. These Lite versions come with fewer functions than their respective Pro versions. If you want access to all functions, you have to buy the theme.

The Advantage is Obvious

The advantage for you as a consumer is that you don’t have purchase a pig in a poke anymore. You get to try the themes beforehand. Chances are high that you won’t even need the pro version. Because of that, I will share with you a more detailed look at the themes from MH Themes.

All themes are well usable for magazines, personal blogs, news sites, and some even work for corporate websites. Within all of them, the code quality is very high.

The MH Magazine Lite and Its Child Themes

The MH Magazine is the most popular theme by the Frankfurt company. Here’s a short video introduction:

The difference between the theme’s Lite and Pro version:

Theme NameMH Magazine liteMH Magazine
Theme DemoDemoDemos
Get startedDownloadPurchase
PriceFreeView Pricing
Responsive Layoutyesyes
Extended Layout Optionsnoyes
Site Width1080px1080px / 1431px
Second Sidebarnoyes
Widgetized Homepage Templateyesyes
Total Widget Locations1226
Custom Widgets4 (basic versions)23 (full versions)
Custom Menu slots15
jQuery News Tickernoyes
FlexSlider 2 with Touch Supportyesyes
Built-in Breadcrumb Navigationnoyes
Built-in Social Buttonsnoyes
Related Posts Featurenoyes
Advertising Optionsnoyes
Theme Optionsvery basicyes
Color Options to change the color schemenoyes
Custom Google Webfontsnoyes
Typography Options to change fonts and font sizenoyes
Extended Featuresnoyes
Customer Supportnoyes

You get a lot for a price of a few bucks. But the lite version also offers functions that will be sufficient for many people.

Nine child themes are available for the free variant of MH Magazine.

1 – MH TechMagazine

MH TechMagazine

Download | Demo

2 – MH SportsMagazine


Download | Demo

3 – MH FoodMagazine

MH FoodMagazine

Download | Demo

4 – MH NewsMagazine

MH NewsMagazine

Download | Demo

5 – MH UrbanMag

MH Urban Mag

Download | Demo

6 – MH CampusMag

MH CampusMag

Download | Demo

7 – MH FeminineMag

MH FeminineMag

Download | Demo

8 – MH TravelMag

MH TravelMag

Download | Demo

9 – MH Biosphere

MH Biosphere

Download | Demo

Additionally: 13 Free Lite Themes

Aside from the MH Magazine Lite theme, there 13 more entirely free themes at MH Themes.

1 – MH Newsdesk Lite


Download | Demo

2 – MH Edition Lite


Download | Demo

3 – MH Squared lite


Download | Demo

4 – MH Purity lite


Download | Demo

5 – MH Joystick lite


Download | Demo

6 – MH Cicero lite

MH Cicero Lite

Download | Demo

7 – MH Elegance lite

MH Elegance Lite

Download | Demo

8 – MH Impact lite

MH Impact Lite

Download | Demo

9 – MH Corporate basic

MH Corporate Basic

Download | Demo

10 – Diamond


Download | Demo

11 – ClesarMedia

Clesar Media

Download | Demo

12 – Tuto


Download | Demo

13 – Skin

Skin Theme

Download | No demo available.

Overview of All of MH Theme’s Free Themes


Although you would have to pay for the full versions, the supply of free themes has become very big. For many people, the free versions will be sufficient, so these people can benefit. There have never been so many professionally designed themes for free before. Even at MH Themes alone, the supply is huge, so a couple of readers should already be able to find their dream theme.