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10 of the Top WordPress Themes for Startups and Small Businesses

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Today’s business world’s environment is highly competitive. Thus, garnering new customers and retaining existing ones is always a challenge. In fact, this is true for both startups and already established businesses.

One sure way to survive in this world is having an optimally-planned website in place. Presently, the intuitive and high-quality website is essential. It will ensure good sales and customer flow for any firm.

The following 10 WordPress themes provide the tools needed to assure web-building success. They represent ideal solutions to a small businesses’ or startups’ needs. Since all are premium themes, it would be virtually impossible to make a poor choice.

Should you encounter a problem, it will be because there are several themes that will serve you well. This could make a choice difficult.

Be Theme

Be Theme

How is this theme good for startups or small businesses?

Be Theme is big. It is in fact, the biggest WordPress theme ever, with its more than 260 pre-built websites and its other outstanding features that are too numerous to list here. Be Theme is responsive, WooCommerce ready, and loaded with design options and special effects.

Many of Be’s 260+ pre-built websites are ideal for getting a small business or startup website up and running. Most are multi-page; but, if you’re in the market for a single-page website, there’s plenty to choose from as well. These pre-built websites have the needed functionality embedded in them, making them ideal for building interactive prototypes as well.

Be is easy to work with. A pre-built website can be installed with a single click, after which the Muffin Builder and Options Panel take charge. 200+ shortcodes are included, so there’s absolutely no need for coding on your part.

How quickly can you get a website up and running with Be? How about 4 hours!



What makes The Core – Startapp good for small businesses?

The Core is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that features 20 website examples to work with. Startapp is one of the 20, and provides an ideal starting point for building a small business website. When you buy it, the other 10 website examples come along for the ride, so you might wish to check them out as well. Startapp will serve you well however, especially since you’ll have a visual page builder and tons of options to work with.

Like the other website examples, Startapp is fully responsive, it’s e-commerce and e-learning ready, you can translate your website into any language, and there’s even a Give plugin if you want to solicit or accept donations.

As you would expect from a premium WordPress theme like this, updates and dedicated support are yours for life.



How is Oshine good for small businesses or startups?

Oshine is clean, modern, creative, and comes with 27 awesome demos that make it possible to build exactly the type of website a startup or small business is looking for. The demos can be installed with one-click, after which Tatsu, Oshine’s fully-visual, front-end page builder takes over.

Oshine gives you more than a dozen menu and header styles to work with, a host of ways to showcase a portfolio, it’s WooCommerce compatible for a startup or business that’s ready to set up an online shop, and it’s multilingual as well.

A powerful options panel not only gives web builders and their clients the needed flexibility, but also gives the designer complete control over every layout. If it’s flexibility and ease of use you’re looking for, this will be a smart choice.



What makes ULTRA a good choice for startups?

ULTRA introduces an innovative and exciting method of page and website building. It’s fast and efficient, and consequently provides a great solution for a busy startup owner who often must change website content on the fly. ULTRA provides 34 pre-designed rows consisting of an image background, demo content, and modules.

Pick the row you want, and add it to a new website or change the content in an existing website.



How is this theme good for businesses in the real estate sector?

A quick look at what Houzez offers should convince you that this amazingly flexible WordPress theme doesn’t just offer a good solution for realtors and real estate agencies; it offers a perfect solution.

All the needed functionality is there, including property search, ratings, and reviews. Even better, Houzez can customize workflows to match your needs.



What does Uncode offer for startup and small business websites?

Uncode is a modern, pixel-perfect WordPress theme that’s an ideal choice to help create modern, pixel-perfect websites for startups or small businesses. The package contains layouts for almost any need, and Visual Composer as its page builder/editor.

This award-winning theme is a result of the efforts of a team of designers and developers with many years of experience.



What does Infinite offer, that makes it good for startups and small businesses?

Infinite is an all-in-one website solution for startups, big and small businesses, WooCommerce websites, creative websites, and just about everything else.

Check out the demos (arranged in four categories), pre-built blocks, and the huge selection of page templates and layouts to see for yourself. If you see a demo you like, you can be assured it has the features and functionality you’ll need.



How is TheGem good for startups and small businesses?

A good WordPress theme for building websites for startups and small businesses obviously must have the necessary tools for the job. TheGem, with its huge selection of flexible features, could be considered the Swiss army knife (deluxe edition) of WordPress themes.

It’s packed with over 50 stunning pre-built home page concepts that are easily customizable using Visual Composer, TheGems’s drag and drop front-end editor. With its huge variety of website design features and elements, TheGem is more than “good” for startups and businesses – it’s perfect.

KLEO – Ready to GO Theme for Your Business

KLEO - Ready to GO Theme for Your Business

What makes KLEO a good choice for a small business website?

Two reasons come to mind, although there are more. First, KLEO is a community-focused website theme, and many small businesses have learned that being community focused is simply good for business.

Second, KLEO is easy to set up, enabling you to have a site up and running in a matter of minutes. You’ll have the demos and plugins you’ll need, and more, plus you can try before you buy.



How is this theme good for startups and small businesses?

Kallyas is a best-selling WordPress theme, and it’s been running strong for 5 years straight. Many of its features are based on user input, so you can be assured of getting a great value for your money.

Kallyas comes with more than 50 pre-built websites that take only a click to install, Zion, a terrific visual website builder, and a full stack of features and options, start-up and small business owners will love.

In Summary

Have you picked a theme yet? Or two, or three? It shouldn’t be difficult. Now, it’s just a matter of seeing which of your choices will make the best fit.

The themes presented here are extremely flexible in terms of layouts and options. The exception is just the one theme designed for a specialized market niche.

Enjoy your website-building experience! Let us know if you like what you see on our list, or have a suggestion if you think we’ve neglected something.

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